Beyond Butter and Salt: Corn 5 Creative Ways

by in Recipes, July 5th, 2014

Sunny's Quick Corn and Pico SaladAlong with juicy tomatoes, tender zucchini and sweet blueberries, corn is among summer’s most-beloved produce, as it’s both easy to prepare and guaranteed to please even the pickiest eaters at the dinner table. While the classic preparation of boiling corn and rolling it in a stick of butter is a tried-and-true favorite, this seasonal vegetable can be dressed up to take on next-level tastes with the help of a few can-do recipes. Read on below to get five fresh-corn-based how-tos — the top picks for putting this summer staple to work from each co-host of The Kitchen.

Sunny’s Quick Corn and Pico Salad (pictured above) is a no-cook side dish that takes mere minutes to put together. After starting with store-bought pico de gallo, Sunny adds fresh corn, fragrant cumin and refreshing lime juice to balance the flavors.

Corn Ice PopsNo longer just for savory dishes, corn is turned into a chilly dessert in Katie’s Corn Ice Pops (pictured above). She simmers corn in milk until the liquid is infused with corn flavor, adds a splash of vanilla and tangy Greek yogurt for richness and freezes the mixture in molds.

Grilled Corn RisottoGeoffrey’s Grilled Corn Risotto (pictured above) offers all the comfort of traditional risotto, but it includes white corn and fennel, which add welcome notes of freshness to this impressive dish.

Made with only five ingredients, Marcela’s fuss-free Grilled Corn with Ancho Chile Butter boasts a smoky, charred taste from the grill and an indulgent topping of flavored butter. Start with soft butter to ensure that it absorbs the bold flavors of the chiles and sweet roasted garlic.

Cha Cha Chowder, Jeff’s easy-to-do take on corn chowder, is both decadent and satisfying, packed with hearty potatoes, poblano peppers and a whopping eight ears of corn. He adds half-and-half to achieve a creamy taste and purees half of the chowder so its texture is largely smooth.

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