A Day in the Life of Alton Brown (from Start to Finish on Cutthroat Kitchen)

by in Food Network Chef, Shows, July 16th, 2014

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be Alton Brown for a day? It’s not easy. I mean, sure, there are numerous perks and fun moments. But to tape a TV show, in this case Cutthroat Kitchen, takes a lot of work. FN Dish had the opportunity to shadow the host of this evilicious show and capture the ins and outs of a full day of taping (one day equals one episode). He opened up the door to his trailer, and showed us where he gets his coffee and how he enters each show and interacts with the culinary production team. Have you ever asked yourself whether the money in that briefcase is real? Alton dishes on that too.

Click play on the video above and follow Alton as he goes from his trailer to the set of Cutthroat Kitchen.

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Comments (10)

  1. deaf says:

    What was Alton saying about the money in the briefcase? Are these real money or fake? I didn't understand the video because there is no captions for me to enjoy the video. I'm deaf and they still not adding CC for the deaf community.

  2. Abc says:

    He was just saying he needs to make sure it's all there but it's fake. Then he made a joke about smuggling it somewhere.

  3. Sara says:

    I love alton……have always enjoyed him BUT this cutthroat kitchen show is degrading for alton!! and it seems that food network is just pushing it down our throats just as they have diners, drive-ins and dives!!! SO SICK of those shows and of Guy Frier!! I only watch two channels…..it is getting harder and harder to find anything to watch on tv!!! I am watching more hgtv now than ever!! Alton and Guy are just too much alllll the time!! I can remember back when there used to be cook offs and different shows to watch…..lately is the same old, same old!! thank you for listening…..please give us something to watch!!

    • kross says:

      How is the show degrading to Alton? He is so in his element with his quick humor and I love how he interacts with the chefs. I enjoy the show. It might not be for everyone. I do agree about Guy though. He can be a bit much.

    • Sandra Davenport says:

      I agree fully with Sara on this as it gets boring watching the same shows all of the time. Do not like Guy at all and do love Chopped but hey enough is enough. need more real competition cooking and some where the judges do not know who has cooked what food as I think if often becomes a popularity contest rather than a cooking show,.

  4. Steve says:

    Lately all the music has been too loud!!! One can,t hear the words of the chef during competition nor can you hear the comments at the end. Tone down the fake suspense audio. Where are the audio techs—-asleep? Like the show but will not watch if the audio is not better controlled.

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