Special Premiere: The Big Tip

by in Shows, June 6th, 2014

The Big Tip With Rachael Ray
This weekend, catch a sneak preview of Rachael Ray‘s new show hitting Food Network this fall, The Big Tip with Rachael Ray. In this brand-new series, Rachael will travel to one town each episode and meet three incredibly hardworking people who have been serving as waiters and waitresses for years. Each of these deserving individuals will receive a life-changing tip — but only one of them will receive the big tip.

Catch the premiere Sunday, June 8 at 10|9c.

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Comments (49)

  1. Pook says:

    Totally stupid! How can you expect the waitresses or waiters not to act anything else but super professional when you have a camera following them around with the dude pretending to be what? Whatever he pretends to be that he tries to hide the fact that he's not there spy on the waitresses? You think they wouldn't know when he's constantly asking questions about their work performances? Really dumb, unless it's hidden camera but with a big huge camera crew follwing them around who's not gonna be at their best behaviours. Rahel Ray is so phony with her trying to get the credit for giving away big tips by being there. I saw the first show then realized how stupid and didn't bother watching again. I hate shows where they try to force this compassion or tears out of the audience. By the way, what''s this show has to do with cooking / food network anyway? This show will be cancelled in no time!

  2. Pook says:

    Another thing, how do you determine who gets the big prize anyway? They were all equal in their won ways. So this show is so bias and plays on favoritism by Rachel Ray. And what's with only $1000 to others but only one gets this huge 10k? Why? Split it so they all benefit! What's a measly 1k gonna do? Since, you're giving away total of 12k why not split to 3k for the first two people then 6k for the grand prize. Or 2.5k for the first two contestants and 7k for the winner. 1k is a joke man!

  3. Pook says:

    By the way, Rachel, I've been wanting to say this for a long time and that is, $40 day is NOT cheap!!! I can easily go places and eat $40 day without your stupid show. Try $20 day and I'll be impressed. $40 as though it's cheap?? Are you kidding me? Delusional, that's why your $40 show was canceled.

  4. @WillowKat63 says:

    How do you suggest a person for this show? I have an Aunt that has been with Denny's for 25 yrs and never. She is very hard worker and all of her customers love her. so how do I get you to go to her resturant

  5. Susie says:

    First, I think the idea of big tipping is a great one. We frequently give $100 tips for great service or when we see someone who might not be completely, physically able to serve, but has to have a job to support their family. So I was very interested in in the premise of this show. However, when a lady who helps dogs is chosen for the big tip over the girl who worked a second job so she could use the money to help PEOPLE, that's when I turned your show off and I will not watch it again. You want to take this show to the animal network, that would be great. But it will not dump on my tv again.

  6. Danimal says:

    They're giving away money! And unless you're dishing out $$ like this to people, then you shouldn't be so quick to bit** about it. Good lord, take it easy folks…it's television! How about you take that $79+ you pay for cable to watch this "horrible" show, and donate it! :) Man…people don't know how to be happy for one another, ever.

  7. Clint says:

    WTF happened to this show??

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