Restaurant Revisited: Saving Grace at Grace’s Place Bagels and Deli

by in Shows, June 4th, 2014

Robert Irvine“We just got ourselves in way over our heads,” Grace Tutak said of her and her husband, Eddie, both owners of Grace’s Place Bagels and Deli. The financial ambiguity of the restaurant and the significant debt they’re facing had put a strain on their marriage, and they were in dire need of Robert Irvine‘s help. “Ed and Grace are both responsible for the failure of the restaurant,” Robert admitted, and together with his Restaurant: Impossible team, he overhauled Grace’s Place and attempted to repair Grace and Eddie’s relationship in order to give their business a second chance at success. Read on below to hear from Grace and find out how her eatery is doing today.

Sales at Grace’s Place have remained steady since the show, and Grace says that “the customers love the new decor.”

Customers were sorry to see some of their beloved dishes had been taken off the menu, so the list of offerings now features some of its original items, plus plates that Robert created. Still being featured are the French Dip, Muffalatta Sub, Fresh-Cut Fries, Cinnamon Bun Sundae and the Minestrone Chicken Matzo Ball Soup, according to Grace.

About her own role at the restaurant, Grace says, “I have taken control and I am being calmer. I am looking forward to taking some culinary classes someday.” She adds that her employees respect her more now, and that their relationship “is more professional.” Grace notes that her partnership with Ed “still has its good days and bad, but [there is] definitely way less fighting.”

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Comments (64)

  1. FNGossip says:

    The reviews aren't looking too good for this one.

    • Concerned says:

      Palm Coast is a small community. Grace's since she moved here wanted to be the BIG FISH. She never really fit in to the Social Circles that mattered and she figured if she opened up a business she would gain some credibility. Grace needs to keep her self in check at all times. If a woman like Grace can treat her Husband and Father in Law the way she does. Well, what kind of loyalty would she have for a staff she hand picked herself. Grace is a Hot Mess. She has no knowledge of cooking, she has no grasp on business or any of the tools it takes to run an eaterie on a day to day schedule.

  2. Stuart says:

    What a Joke. This place was doing Fine. They had a net profit of 70k a month that when asked they could not say where the money was. Where do you think it was. In their pocket!. The fact of the matter is they wanted a face lift so they contacted the show and said they were failing. When Robert asked where the money was going they said We don't know. The money was in her French manicures. What a farce. Where was the real need? Except for a facelift and a few new recipes they didn't need anything. All the equipment was in good shape. They just did this for a makeover. Even in the above article it says that their sales are still steady. They were always steady.

  3. rich says:

    We have been there twice for breakfast since the re-do. On one visit, I requested an egg bagel only to learn that they were out of egg bagels. Our server mentioned that the only difference between the plain and the egg bagel was the dye! Dye? I asked Gracie about that, and she said that they do use food coloring to make the plain bagel look like an egg bagel because it would be extremely expensive to make an actual egg bagel. The service on both visits was poor. We won't give it another chance. Too bad.

  4. Rook says:

    Grace's looked like a farmhouse. They had great coffee and bagels. Now, it looks like hipster/nautical theme…like every other privately owned eatery in the county. Mind you, no seafood dishes on the menu, at least, when we went there. It was awful. My burger was a hockey puck, the fries were cold, undercooked, soggy and the black rotten parts of the potato were present, The bun was cold, chewy. The soda was mostly carbonated water. The staff argued with each other a couple of times while we were there. Our waitress walked away when I let her know the meals were inedible. We were forced to pay. It was sad to witness, as Grace and her husband put so much into it. I feel for them both. I will still go to the bakery, I will try and support them. I hope things get better.

  5. SteinerCS says:

    Grace, I hope you and your business stays a float.

  6. Sheila says:

    What was the receipe for the meatball sandwich and sauce that Robert provided to them? It looked delidshous but I was not able to get the ingredients.

  7. SteinerCS says:

    Grace is a beautiful women

  8. Gary says:

    I always wonder where they get the "designers". Some of their creations are O.K. but mostly all they do is take out all the old dust-catchers and put In new dust-catchers. In tonight's episode they built that hideous rope gazebo. I can imagine how dusty that mess will be in 3 weeks and how do you clean it ? Ugh.It's nasty !_I really enjoy watching this show but by now all the "failing" restauranteurs are in it for the free re-do and the publicity_

    • Sherry says:

      Although I did mostly like the design and colors….I, too did not get that floor to ceiling rope gazebo. I can imagine all the little kids who will be wanting to climb in and out of it.

    • Joanna says:

      I too immediately disliked the rope thing even before it was finished. It looked like a jail cell to me and yes, I can see kids messing with it and getting tangled up. Why these designers tend to install liability issues is beyond me.

    • steve says:

      Not just the rope but also a lot of ceramics & plants to clean. Does seem high-maintenance.

  9. Kathy says:

    Cheryl spoke of a "360 degree" transformation, that's a circle that would put them back where they started! She probably meant "180 degree", the opposite direction :-)

  10. Dara says:

    I was disappointed to see the real New York matzo ball soup was taken off the menu. Now it's a minestrone soup, not a matzoh ball soup. Grace's was the only place in town to have it on their menu. Have been once for lunch since the redo. Still can't get in & out in a lunch hour. We will try it again since they say they've added customer favorites.

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