Just Landed: Food Network Kitchen at Atlanta International Airport

by in News, June 9th, 2014

Food Network Kitchen at Atlanta International AirportFood Network Kitchen Atlanta, a grab-and-go market, is now open at Terminal D in the Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Serving up classic dishes with a local Georgia twist, this new venture from Food Network will feature a fresh selection of salads, soups, and cold and toasted sandwiches made with local and organic ingredients. The Kitchens have also utilized local products like jams, jellies and relishes. The market will also serve signature items like the Big Peach Ham and Brie sandwich made with local honey and thyme on an H&F Bread Co. ciabatta roll (pictured above).

All of the items are offered alongside a selection of American wines, local beers and locally roasted coffees.

There are options for every traveler. Check out the menus here:

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Comments (10)

  1. Donnie says:

    Should specify IF its Chicken Breast used in your Food Network Menu items at Hartsfield Airport.

  2. Robert F. Leder says:

    Because of the Food Network name, I bought two sandwiches today. They looked good, but not only did they taste old, the lettuce and arugula (different on each sandwich) was wilted. There was not one thing close to tasty about any part of either sandwich. One had something that looked like and was called pimento cheese. It wasn't anything like it. The ham had a funny smell.

    All in all, it was just a totally bad experience at 20,000 ft when I opened the sandwiches. I could have given a pass for one, but both were bad. Different breads, different contents. It all had an almost moldy taste. I tried mustard and mayo to cover the taste, but you can guess the answer. YUK! Someone owes me the almost $20 and a good breath mint.

  3. Fulya says:

    I purchased grilled cheese sandwich for $9 at Food Network Eats ATL airport and since I was running for my flight, didn't even get a chance to look at what they served. The bread was disgustingly molded. It should not necessarily mean that you can fool ppl just bec of the fact that we might not be back to that specific location. I could not find any contact info to report that massed up problem.

  4. Itzik says:

    Worse breakfast in airport, I ordered toasted bagel and cream cheese and chocolate croissant, bagel was old and dry! the croissant was old and dry! will never buy any food there again!!

  5. Debbi says:

    As a foodnetwork fan for many years and a Georgia girl I'm offended by the quality of the food and the service. Rude, slow, unaware is the only description I can come up with for the employees who directed me to get it myself then dissapeard to argue among themselves. Line at the register grew until I ask the manager to check us out. Like I said I'm a Georgia girl born and raised but the black history music over the speakers was a little much for me I can only imagine what those from other parts were thinking. This was my second trip in I really wanted to support out of locality to Foodnetwork but no more the foods to good across the isle!

  6. Ken says:

    I thought that I would give the Food Network Kitchen a try because of the name. This was the worst breakfast that i have every had at an airport and I have a few bad ones. The egg on my breakfast sandwich had been over cooked by at least 5-7 minutes. The cheese was disgusting and the sausage was suppose to be turkey sausage but I could only taste black pepper. If I were the Food Network, I would remove my name today or make some drastic changes immmediately.

  7. Messy says:

    I once visited there, it provides some tasty dishes, must visit.

  8. Vanessa says:

    I eagerly saved dessert for this spot. Yesterday at 6:30pm I walked over to the ATL Food Network Kitchen and ordered what I thought was going to be the yummiest moment of my short weekend in GA. I gladly handed over $5.00 and some change for a typically sized restaurant cupcake called the Salted Caramel. When I opened it somewhere over a cloud in the sky and bit in I realized that my expectations would be unmet. it was the stalest cupcake I had ever bit into. Was it delivered on Tuesday and sold to me on Sunday, was it even refrigerated? The frosting was almost plastic in its loss of moisture and the cake itself was more rubberized then dry. The only flavor left was the salt. What a disappointment, what a nugget in the trash, especially when I only allow myself a delectable like this when I am away from home. SMH

  9. Jane says:

    Purchased a very expensive grilled cheese sandwich at the Food Network Atlanta Airport location. For $9.00 with 1 very small piece of cheese (you could barely see it between the bread) between two pieces of bread which only 1 side was grilled left me speechless.

    What a RIPOFF!!!!! I still can't believe what they served!

  10. David says:

    I purchased a cheese biscuit with ham and mayhaw jelly and added egg to it on my order at 6:00 when they opened. When I saw the "chef" wrapping it up, I asked specifically if they put the jelly on it. The cashier turned around and asked if he put jelly on it. He replied he did. Like a fool, I didn't check it until I got on my plane and discovered there was no jelly. Oh well, I'll eat it anyway. It was the driest biscuit….tasted like it made a trans Atlantc voyage in the 1700s, and the egg was literally TOUGH. My guess is it was cooked some where, frozen, then shipped.. Threw the whole mess away ($7.50) and would NEVER eat there nor recommend this establishment to anyone, ever!

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