Just Landed: Food Network Kitchen at Atlanta International Airport

by in News, June 9th, 2014

Food Network Kitchen at Atlanta International AirportFood Network Kitchen Atlanta, a grab-and-go market, is now open at Terminal D in the Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Serving up classic dishes with a local Georgia twist, this new venture from Food Network will feature a fresh selection of salads, soups, and cold and toasted sandwiches made with local and organic ingredients. The Kitchens have also utilized local products like jams, jellies and relishes. The market will also serve signature items like the Big Peach Ham and Brie sandwich made with local honey and thyme on an H&F Bread Co. ciabatta roll (pictured above).

All of the items are offered alongside a selection of American wines, local beers and locally roasted coffees.

There are options for every traveler. Check out the menus here:

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Comments (14)

  1. Jeferson Rogers says:

    My wife and I were in the Atlanta airport yesterday, 2/7/15. Food Network Kitchen looked like it would be good. Picture of roast beef sandwich looked good. For $11.00 the sandwich was dry, a couple of slices of roast beef and the sandwich was not completely cut in half which made a mess when I tried to pull it apart a little later. Mocha for my wife was luke-warm and watery. Not the way to build a customer base.

  2. Andrew says:

    Great place, great food my nephew lost an item there and 2days later manager Steve Williams helped me to find it. Excellent customer service.

  3. Ryan says:

    Traveling through Atlanta my girlfriend spotted the food network sign and we both decided to give this a try. Both of us love the food network and believed that the $10.50 spent for a vegetarian sandwich would be worth it. When we ordered the cashier asked if we wanted anything other than the two drinks we had in hand. When I replied yes we would like 2 veggie sandwiches she promptly turned around to speak to the cook. She turned back and stared at both of us as if we had just popped into her world. She then asked again if we wanted anything else and I again repeated my request for two veggie sandwiches. She rung up our order to $30 dollars. Well it would be worth it right? WRONG!
    After waiting 15 minutes for our food I returned to the cashier to ask where our food was. Her first words "has someone already helped you?" as in she didn't even recognize that she had taken my order. I said I ordered 2 veggie sandwiches. She looked at the cook who said "I need two veggie sandwiches". She then walked over and picked up two premade sandwiches and gave them to the cook. So after waiting another 10 minutes for our food to be heated and watching several orders after ours being fulfilled we took our sandwiches to the gate. Sitting down to eat, the food was terrible. The cheese was half warm, the mushrooms were grainy and mashed into a paste, the bread was old, and there was nothing in this sandwich that said "veggie" to me as a vegetarian.

    In the end neither of us finished our sandwiches and ended up paying $30 dollars for 2 teas. I will never visit this location again. We are both very disappointed in the shameless plug of the food network name and the horrid food quality and service which represents them in our minds now.

    *One other commenter stated that they could not find anywhere to leave feedback. I still have my receipt and at the bottom it states "questions/Comments We're waiting to hear from you Email us at: DNCATLFeedback@dncinc.com So please send this feedback to them as I am going to*

  4. SPV says:

    Janey- was great!
    Wonderful customer service, food was excellent, and the Arden’s garden drinks are spot on what I need after a long flight!!

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