Budding Young Chefs Compete in First-Ever Chopped Teen Tournament

by in Shows, June 5th, 2014

Chopped Teen TournamentFor the very first time on Chopped, 16 teens will enter the kitchen in the Chopped Teen Tournament, premiering Tuesday, July 15 at 10|9c. These talented youngsters bring energy and ambition to the table, to compete for $25,000 in prize money and a coveted culinary school scholarship. They’ll face appetizer, entree and dessert basket ingredients that could stump even the most-experienced adult chef. And just because they’re kids doesn’t mean they’ll be judged any differently.

A rotating panel of judges — Amanda Freitag, Alex Guarnaschelli, Marc Murphy, Chris Santos, Geoffrey Zakarian and special guest judge Alex Stupak — will determine who gets chopped. The winner from each of the four preliminary rounds will go on to the finale on Tuesday, August 12. In the finale, the fifth and final round, only one competitor will be named the first-ever Chopped Teen Grand Champion.

And after the premiere episode, on July 15, watch an all-new episode of the exclusive Web series Chopped After Hours. Judges Amanda Freitag, Aarón Sánchez and Scott Conant will tackle the appetizer basket ingredients from the first round of the tournament.

Watch an Exclusive Preview Below:


Tune in Tuesday, July 15 at 10|9c for the premiere of the Chopped Teen Tournament, and continue watching Chopped After Hours online.

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Comments (31)

  1. Cathy Martin says:

    My name is Cathy Martin, I live in Junction City, CA, and I would really love to compete in the Chopped teen competition. I am 15 years old, and cooking is my passion. I love watching Chopped and I have always dreamed of going to the Culinary Art Institute in San Fransisco. It would be an amazing experience to compete on Chopped. Please email me at sumartin1@earthlink.net Thanks!

  2. Kaite Segars says:

    My name is Katie Segars. I am 17 years old and live in Marin, California. I just graduated from high school this year. I grew up in a family where everything was homemade; we made our own pasta, pizza dough, cookies, and nothing was ever frozen or from a can. In 10th grade with my mom to help I started my own cookie company, which became a little neighborhood business. I did many different orders my biggest being 500 cookies for the freshman orientation of my high school! When I had the opportunity, I took it, and I have worked in a restaurant since the day after I turned 16 and have been there for almost 2 years. I started out helping the chef, but now make all the desserts for the restaurant and created a dish of beignets that appeared on the tv show Check Please. Last year when we were down a kitchen staff and I got the opportunity to start training. Our head chef has became my inspiration as she has taught me everything I know. When I grow up I want to open my own restaurant or bakery. Being on chopped teen would be an amaxing experience and grow my passion in food and cooking. I would love to hear if there is any way I can be on the show. My email is katiekat334@gmail.com Thank you!!

  3. Noah WIlert says:

    My Name is Noah Willert, I am 17 From Boston. My email is willertnoah@gmail.com please email me with any information about this program.

  4. Julian says:

    I absolutely loved chopped, I've watched religiously since the beginning but no more!! Just watched the first episode of the teen tournament. Explain to me how a contestant that literally did nothing with an ingredient twice in 2 rounds in a row could win? At least Jay did something with the ingredients other than crumble them on top of his dish and scoop an ingredient into a ball. So that's good enough to win in chopped kitchen now? Oh I don't know what to do with this ingredient so I will crumble it on top of my dish at the last second? I'll never watch again.

  5. Gabriela says:

    Hey my name is Gabriela jones. I am 12 going to the seventh grade and I want to be on chopped. Please contact me on my email. Shekigabby@hotmail.com. Thanks. P.s. I would say I am an amateur.

  6. chris_green says:

    Hi, I am Christopher Green I am 14 years old, I am going into the 9th grade and I feel that it would be a wonderful experience. I would love to participate in the chopped teen tournament, iv'e always loved watching the food network, my favorite being cutthroat kitchen. anyways I would love to compete i hope your interested please contact me via email at chri1765@gmail.com thank you i hope i have a chance.

  7. Shan Davis says:

    Hi my name is Shan Davis I am a experienced young chef I have been watching your show and i would really like to be on it . I have a food handlers card and i am in culinary arts class at victorvallie highschool. i am 15 going to the 10th grade and i am very good at what i do please contact me via cell phone @ 1760-474-3130
    or via email sd340@gmail.com thank you

  8. Amber Bradfield says:

    Dear Food Network and Chopped ,
    My name is Amber Bradfield and I'm 15 going in to tenth grade. As I read over most of these teens post to be on the show I feel that we all have so much in common. We all want to be the next chopped teen! I have some experience in the kitchen. I know most things you need to new about how to handle and work with food. It has been my dream to be a chef. I would like to follow my grandmas footsteps in the culinary career. When I get older my plans are to go to the Art Institue of Chicago, and open a bakery/restraunt in a very popular city. My motto is to dream big and that's what I'm going to do! Please get back to me via my email ambergirl598@yahoo.com. It would be a pleasure to be on your show and to show everyone my hidden talent.

  9. Eli Tribbett says:

    Dear Food Network and Chopped, My name is Eli Tribbett. I will be a junior this coming year at Twin Lakes High school. I am in love with cooking (have been cooking since I could stand on a chair) and plan on going to Le Cordon Bleu, school of Culinary arts after my schooling is complete. I take all the culinary arts classes at my school and this year I will be participation in the Indiana ProStart Competition. I am ServSafe certified as well and am always in my kitchen at home or school trying out new recipes. Several people from my school have recommended I apply for this great opportunity! If the chance arises of me be able to participate in this event, please contact me at vanvlietof1881@gmail.com
    Thank you have a blessed day,
    Eli Tribbett

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