Alton’s Top 5 Tactics to Make Steak

by in Food Network Chef, Recipes, June 9th, 2014

Alton loves his steak, and with summer looming, now is the perfect time to get out that barbecue and start grilling. As Alton mentions in his latest YouTube video, his favorite type of steak to grill is the skirt steak. Heated directly on coals, this succulent meat needs no marinade except for some salt.

Alton also experiments in the kitchen, however, with a number of ways to eat steak. Here are five more:

1. He creates a spicy marinade with pepper flakes and Mexican brown sugar in this Skirt Steak recipe.Skirt Steak

2. Here, Alton lightly seasons and sears a tender Rib-Eye.Rib-Eye

3. He also likes to change it up a bit by creating Beef Jerky with a liquid smoke, honey and onion powder brine.

4. You can also skip the grill altogether like in this Chicken-Fried Steak Recipe, which is topped with creamy, salty gravy.Beef Jerky

5. His most-advanced endeavor, though, involves the king of all steaks, the porterhouse. Alton refrigerates this legendary meat for three days prior to cooking, and grills it on hot coals for a juicy finish in this Dry Aged Chimney Porterhouse recipe.Porterhouse

Want more of Alton’s Skirt Steak Secrets? Click play on the video below.

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  1. James says:

    Stop dressing like an idiot

    • Si.Pex says:

      I wouldn't be responding with insults as someone else and just because James was a rude jerk doesnt mean you have to do the same and what does being fat have to do with his taste in Alton's clothing options : makes you look ignorant.

    • Don q says:

      Guessing you 'borrowed' Alton's name. Mr Brown wouldn't say such a thing.

  2. Lisa O. says:

    I so miss Good Eats! Have the DVDs. Need to get those out.

  3. Kim says:

    Alton is my hero!

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Go get'em Alton!!!

  5. Michele says:

    You are my favorite chef on the Food network!!!! Love you Alton, and why isn't Iron Chef on as much as it used to be??

  6. Randy says:

    Just did a tri tip… marinated in red wine vinegar and salt and pepper rub… basted regularly on a very hot grill… sliced across the grain… served with a tomato/red onion/basil salad and macaroni salad… it speaks to summer…. on a different tact I keep trying your skirt steak directly on the coals and can't get away from black and blue…but it drives neighbors in the camp ground a bit wacky thinking I am crazy (I may be but that is a different issue)

  7. Gamecook says:

    You don't grill with a barbecue. You grill with a grill, and barbecue with a barbecue.

    If AB had written this article he would have known that. :-/

  8. Solhermana says:

    So, no charcoal/ash on your steak by cooking it directly on the coals? That is something I'd hate to taste.

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