A Food Network Special — Outrageous Wedding Cakes

by in Shows, June 26th, 2014

Outrageous Wedding Cakes (Food Network Special)While many have probably dreamed of their wedding cakes since childhood, they were most likely not wedding cakes quite like this. From a cake with a river running through it to a tower of cake dripping in 30 pounds of Swarovski crystals, Food Network is going from coast to coast to find the most incredible creations by the best cake artists in the country. These magicians can make anyone’s dream cake come true  ——  no matter the cost.

Premieres this Saturday, June 28 at 9|8c.

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  1. carnold says:

    First let me say that these cakes take hours and hours AND hours of work and a boatload of talent. For people to jump on the misspelling of a word or to fixate on the price as opposed to the artistry is ridiculousness to the extreme. The cost is nobody's business aside from the artist and the customer. And yes, they used the wrong "wench"….get over it and admire the work. That is where the focus should be. High five and applause to these fine artists.

    • Well said! Bravo to all the artists involved! What a great episode that focused on talent and not drama! I hope to see more like this!

    • Lin says:

      It's true…these artist are extremely talented and dedicated, but if they put this much work into producing a show, they should probably also put in an extra second to spell check. After all, we never know who exactly may be watching, youngsters and educated adults alike.

  2. Lorna says:

    The cakes were amazing but the producer of the show needs to brush up on his/her geography. the map of the US the was shown numerous times during the show indicated that the Upper Peninsula of Michigan was not part of the United States as it was not colored in like the other states. The outline was there so half the battle was won. We Yoopers (residents of the UP of Michigan) are US citizens!

  3. Ashley says:

    i thought it was at 10pm not 9 I missed it im so mad and i wated all week to see it

  4. Scott Stedding says:

    I thought that all the cakes shown looked great and would love to have my cake made by the artist that did most of the cakes there. Great job to all

  5. colette says:

    why was colette peters left out?

  6. Meg Hawkey says:

    Beautiful cakes and great talent!!! However………WENCH????………just about died laughing!!!!

  7. Rosemary Galpin says:

    I thought my hubby had set the show to record, but alas no, so I missed it! Does anyone know if or when it will air again?

  8. carolvfalcone says:

    How could you omit Colette Peters from the show? Just about every cake on the show is based on a cake design she created. Her cake was the most beautiful and creative one. After countless hours designing and making the cake, talking with the producers and filming for the show you deleted her segment without any notice….why?

    • Connie says:

      I totally agree, Carol. Omitting Colette Peters raises the question of the show's integrity. She is internationally recognized; and has set the standard for cakes, outrageous or otherwise. Her cake is merely shown in passing in the promo with no accreditation whatsoever. And, why would one cake baker be able to showcase two cakes. Omitting a cake by Colette Peters is liking omitting Julia Child or Emeril Lagasse from a special on cooking show personalities.

    • Renee says:

      I agree! I wanted to see the show mostly because I wanted to see Colette's cake. Why wasn't there a segment about her cake? Will there be another edition of this show or maybe it will become a series?

  9. Linda Wilkening says:

    When will this air again? I want to see it!

  10. Jen C. says:

    How can I watch this show if I missed it? Can't find it online or on demand

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