The Top 5 Most-Intimidating Ingredients to Cook — America’s Best Cook

by in Shows, May 10th, 2014

Episode 5On the next episode of America’s Best Cook, the remaining five chefs must take on the challenge of cooking one of the top five most-intimidating ingredients, considered so by professional chefs. The challenge will test their adaptability and ability to work with some unfamiliar and difficult items. Luckily, the home cooks have mentors waiting in the wings to help them out. If only cooking at home were just like that when you needed guidance, with Tyler, Alex, Michael or Cat just an SOS button away.

For this challenge, the “deadly” ingredients are Arborio rice, quail, baby octopus, scallops in their shell and chicken livers. And at the end of the cooking, the home cooks will be judged by Chef Marcel Vigneron, who is known for taking big risks in the competitive kitchen. Will the home cooks flourish or falter? Which ingredient will get the better of them?

Watch an exclusive sneak peek of the episode below and vote on the ingredient you think is the most-intimidating.

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Comments (5)

  1. Ritach2 says:

    Just started watch the show. First Alex was given a contestant that has won competition after competition…ie..Better Crocker winner for one. Now her contestant was given a scallop to cook for tonights competition….OH Please!!! Why does the hateful, rude, self-absorbed person keep getting advantages. She was given the Iron Chef win when she kept ending up on the bottom during individual challenges, yet she pulls out a win due to her buddy Zacharian being a judge. Why can't she just go away. I love to watch cooking shows, but it takes the enjoyment out of the shows when they feel like the competitions are fixed.

  2. Guest says:

    I love watching Alex. The look on her face while she is staring at a Chopped contestant and chewing their food is priceless. Whether or not the Iron Chef competition was rigged or not, I don't know, but I am glad she won. She can hold her own with the big boys. If there is a chef on TV that I don't like, I change the channel, usually to Animal Planet or The Cooking Channel. If the ratings are down, the chef won't last long. You and I cancel each other out when it comes to Alex.

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  4. besxt says:

    in the Finale Simon once more did cooking, not mentoring. Had he NOT 'cut the cheese' with the grator For her, she would not have had time to finish her burger. All along Simon has disregarded the rules and actually cooked, not just mentoring or tasting; so unfair. As of this moment I don't know who wins, but I know the mentor who broke the rules, thumbed his nose at the rules and other mentors, and done hands on. I will not watch this tournament again if Simon is allowed to be part of it. He is a bully, a cheater, a dictator, not a mentor. Go away Simon.

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