Regional Foods Face-Off — America’s Best Cook Bracket Challenge, Round 4

by in Shows, May 1st, 2014

Round 3 Bracket ChallengeAmong the many things that define the United States, foods are at the top of that list. And every region has its specialty, whether it is pizza from the East, chili from the North, barbecue from the South or tacos from the West. On the new series America’s Best Cook, Sundays at 9|8c, home cooks from the four corners of the country have come to Food Network headquarters to be mentored by FN chefs and battle it out for a chance at winning the title of America’s Best Cook.

To coincide with the show, FN Dish has launched the Regional Foods Face-Off, a bracket challenge in which you, the fans, can vote for your favorite regional food. The editors have narrowed it down to four famous dishes from each of the regions, but after four rounds of voting, only one dish will come out on top. Round 4 is now closed. Find out which dish won.

Now it’s up to you, Food Network fans, to vote for the regional dish you think has the most merit.

Here’s how it works:

In Round 1, you voted on 16 dishes to narrow them down to eight.

In Round 2, you voted on the remaining eight dishes to narrow them down to four.

In Round 3, you voted on the remaining four dishes to narrow them down to two.

In Round 4, from May 1 – 8, you get to vote for one of the final two.

The winner will be announced on May 8.

Vote below by selecting one dish.

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Comments (11)

  1. Shelli says:

    I have to tell you how much I love your new show America's Best Cook. It is wonderful to watch it and learn new idea's. One question I have is…. Why is only lower Michigan shown on your United States map? I live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and I am just curious as to why we are blackened out as if we are part of Lake Michigan, another Lake or part of Canada. There are a lot of amazing cooks up here as well!! I sure hope you will think about changing your map and making the Upper Peninsula of Michigan part of it as well. Thank you!

  2. Catherine@ says:

    I agree…first thing I noticed in the background with four smiling judges was the omission of one Michigan peninsula. It doesn't make your show very credible…doesn't everyone know the 50 states? Guess not.
    Shoddy research for a show dedicated to Americans…all Americans….even Yoopers. We have lots of unique regional culinary specialties…but you might never know because you would not be able to find us using your map!

  3. Ginger says:

    They must have fixed the background map in the last few hours. I can see the upper peninsula of Michigan but it is obscurred by the word Pizza right on top of it. Pizza seems to have wiped out Rhode IIsland and Cape Cod, as well, not to mention occupying most of Pennsylvania.

  4. Ritach2 says:

    Well, I know how tonight's show wil turn out. The guest judge is G. Zukarian, which means that Alex cook is definately safe. First Alex is given the winner of a Betty Crocker cook off and now she has her buddy judge that gave her the title of Iron Chef.

  5. Ritach2 says:

    The cook working with Alex had the most pitiful looking egg dish of them all. It was the greens that got her through. I thought it was an egg competition. I knew it would be any contestant other that the one working with Alex. Then Alex has the nerve to lie about her contestant's background in cooking competitions and her experience. Ugh…

  6. JGJ says:

    I used to love Food Network, but they are trying to hard to stay relevant with these stupid competition shows. Are we so stupid that we believe you'll kick off a mentor before absolutely necessary, even if their contestants food is crap? So, each week, it will just be evening out the teams , because you'll never embarrass a FN chef by eliminating them. Couldn't finish watching tonight when I saw this playing out again, like last week. Hope the contestants aren't so naive they don't get it too.

    • Ritach2 says:

      I think maybe it is just the group on the FN. I was shocked when Nigella Lawson lost all of her contestants on "The Taste." I really enjoy that show, especially since they demonstrated that eliminations are not predetermined. I enjoy learning from the shows, but I typically turn the show off if Alex is a judge or a cast member in any way. She has such a negative attitude, plays the victim, and is as rude as any human can be, And, I really have never seen her win a competion that she deserved to win. It appears that wins are just handed to her. Maybe that is why she is so ugly. She knows she will win regardless of her poor behavior.

  7. Martin says:

    Is this contest only for U.S. citizens or people from all over the world? Thanks!

  8. Catherine says:

    Fix that map without the UP….makes the judges look uninformed of basic US geography.

  9. Mary Alice says:

    I noticed the missing part of Michigan as well. I also noticed that the Florida Keys are missing, too. I guess it's intended as a representation of the U.S.

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