Meet the Wheel of Heat — Alton’s After-Show

by in Shows, May 4th, 2014

From ingredient swaps and time-sucks to inferior utensils and makeshift workstations, Cutthroat Kitchen sabotages are notoriously evilicious and designed to keep the competitors guessing at all times. On tonight’s all-new episode, the chefs were wowed when host Alton Brown introduced a never-before-seen challenge, what he deemed the Wheel of Heat.

Labeled with multiple heat sources like oven, microwave, stove and broiler, this sabotage would forced the rival who was gifted this challenge to spin the wheel while cooking and switch his or her cooking method to whichever heat source was landed upon. It turns out that the wheel offered no beginner’s luck, as Chef Renae found out when she was forced to work with it during the Round 2 blackened-fish test. “Every time she spun it, it came up ‘microwave,'” Alton explained to judge Simon Majumdar during the After-Show. “This, I think, was the end for Chef Renae because she had to do her entire blackened dish with a microwave,” he added. Simon admitted, “The fish was dry. It lacked that crust, which you expect from blackened fish.” But he noted that had other elements of her dish been executed better, he may have been more likely to excuse her microwave seafood. “There were too many things wrong,” Simon said, “whereas I could have forgiven her if she’d served that fish that wasn’t perfect with a really good accompaniment.”

Click the play button on the video above to see the wheel up close and hear more from Alton and Simon.

Tune in to an all-new episode of Cutthroat Kitchen on Sunday at 10|9c.

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Comments (9)

  1. FN Fan says:

    Chef Jason is truly talented! He mastered all the sabotages he received. Wish he'd have won

  2. Friv 4 says:

    he is a great chef and his talent is nothing controversial

  3. Friv 3 says:

    I wish someday will enjoy the dish that he cooked

  4. Friv 2 says:

    eat the food that chefs do not have anything more wonderful. thanks

  5. spike says:

    you could very easily add a twist to this .. have the contestants bid for the change to choose the twist everyone gets stuck with .. like making their meal vegan, kosher, or maybe their steak dinner suddenly HAS to have a seafood component ( seafood assigned if you don't have any ) .. or instead of the winner choosing a twist for everyone, you could re use the wheel and whoever gets it gets stuck with the twist.

  6. yepi 4 says:

    I'm always interested in everything about the kitchen in the house, and it's great

  7. Kizi 4 says:

    thank you for sharing I think he was trying to make all this

  8. friv 1 says:

    Thank you for sharing this information, I enjoyed your information

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