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by in Shows, May 14th, 2014

Final Four Home CooksHome cooks from across the country came to compete in America’s Best Cook. In the premiere, 16 contestants fought to gain only eight spots, two cooks per regional team. Now after five weeks of cooking battles, the competition has been halved to the final four. These very talented home cooks have shown they’re the best, but there can be only one winner.

In the finale, round by round, one home cook will be eliminated until the single best home cook is named the winner and awarded the $50,000 prize. You’ll have to watch this Sunday at 9|8c to find out who wins. But until then, show your support for your favorite competitor in the America’s Best Cook Fan Vote.

Watch an exclusive clip of the finale below to see the competitors find out what awaits them.

Only three teams remain. Team North, led by Michael Symon, still has its original two members, Stephanie and Marc. Stephanie, a social worker, loves to help people and gets great pleasure from cooking for others. Marc has always wanted to be a chef, so winning the competition for him would mean getting closer to realizing his dream. Team South, led by Cat Cora, has Ben, a financial adviser who loves to cook on the weekends but wants to prove it’s more than just a hobby. Team East, led by Alex Guarnaschelli, has Christina, a mom who wants to show her daughters it’s possible to do anything you set your mind to.

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Comments (11)

  1. Jeff says:

    Christina has what it takes to go all the way!

  2. Marie Wellens says:

    I think Christina's got it together to win this.
    I wish Stephanie's attitude about being a vegetarian were a little better than it is, She calls herself a RECOVERING VEGETARIAN like being a vegetarian is a bad thing. It's not like vegans are drug addicts, alcoholics or gamblers and her comments are not appreciated.

  3. Jim says:

    How much "mentoring" did the contestants get off camera from the Stars?

  4. Janette says:

    What happened to mentors not being able to talk to contestants during the cook unless they push the sos button? Ted said they could talk to him and talk to each other but not contestants yet all of them talk and coach during the cook anyway.

  5. Kim says:

    NOT FAIR,!! Bobby and Michael are personal friends…you know his cook will win!

    • Ritach2 says:

      This goes on all the time. G. Zacharian gave a pass to Alex when her contestant's dish (scallops) was
      way too salty. Zacharian handed Alex the Iron Chef title even though she was typically on the bottom of each challenge. I think Bobby will be more honest than Zacharian…hopefully, because he and Alex are also buds.

  6. Olga says:

    Excellent winner! Stephanie

  7. steve says:

    I wish they would use real home cooks, not cooking contest junkies, these people have entered more cooking competitions than you can shake a pound cake at. seriously pillsbury bake off winner, etc, gimme a break , how about home cook means home cook, not someone who practices thousands of recipes to win contests. Not going to culinary school does not mean you are not a chef.

  8. a nonymous says:

    I couldn't take Christina's whining and crying!

  9. John says:

    I watched the final episode of America's Best Cook. Although Stephanie is probably a good cook, I was personally offended by her glee in cooking meat-from the standpoint of being an "ex-vegetarian". Especially offensive was choosing to cook lamb in her final dish. I love watching the Food Network shows, but feel they generally denigrate Vegetarians in many of their shows.

  10. Kathy says:

    I can't believe Stephanie won. She has a lot of nerve calling herself a vegetarian and cooking what she did. I have been a veggie for 45 years and I would not even touch meat let alone taste it. Discussting! And tell her to get the hair out of her face.

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