Testing the Cutthroat Sabotages: When a Standard Whisk Won’t Do

by in Shows, April 6th, 2014

Just last week FN Dish introduced fans to the first in a series of Testing the Sabotage videos that highlight exactly how Cutthroat Kitchen sabotages come to be. So many have questioned whether or not the challenges are indeed possible for competitors to conquer within their time constraints, and with these all-new videos, it’s now clear that the answer is yes; every sabotage Alton auctions off has been vetted by Food Network’s culinary team, and now you have the chance to watch those tests unfold.

Click the play button on the video above to check out how the giant-whisk sabotage featured on tonight’s brand-new episode was approved for air, and learn what kind of experimenting had to be done in order to arrive at that conclusion.

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Comments (10)

  1. caramelpooh says:

    My TV is always on Food Network, HGTV or Bravo. All of the FN reality shows are great except Cutthroat Kitchen. I love the concept of the show and love Alton. The problem is some of the judges, especially Simon Dumbduh, or whatever the hell his last name is. I've tried hard to not let this man get under my skin but he is a racist ass. When he judges, it should be made very clear to him that he is there to judge the food creations and not by the color of the chef's skin. When he is judge, if an african-american is one of the chefs, you can be SURE that the chef will be the first voted off. He can give other chefs a really terrible review, much worse that the african-american chef, but guess who is always the first to go. It's taken me this long to bring it up and I just wanted to see one more episode to prove my point.
    Chef Terry, who was the only one who had the real deal peas could not even pull off a pea soup. The judge said that it was hard trying to pull a pea taste out of the dish. What did he do to the peas that took all of the flavor away? I know that the judges don't have a clue as to who was sabotages.
    The are more shows where it is so evident what he is doing and several with Antonia whatever the hell her name is. Prejudices are so blatantly outrageous nowadays to the point that these people don't give a damn if their horns are showing or not.
    I know my one comment does not count towards people making changes, directors being aware of what happens and all of the other show VIP's who allow it to happen and be shown on tv. There is another show on another network that I refuse to watch any longer and now Cutthroat Kitchen will be added to that list. It's ridiculous that as I am typing this and flipping channels I stopped on another cooking show with ONE african-american and because this person choose to not tolerate the hate and speak up to the asses, they labeled this person and someone was always trying to rip the person apart and treat the person like straight crap. OMG, the judges made a decision which put the african american person #1 for the day and another of the contestants told the judges that he did not agree with their decision. WTF!!! Will not watch this show again.

    • susan says:

      I loved what you wrote and yes I agree with you the skin is only the outside we are all the same inside and it needs to stop.I also find the judge obviously never tasted a real pea

    • frankje says:

      This week Chef Antonia picked the African American woman who served burned pancakes
      for desert.

  2. Lydia says:

    How did Kate make mashed potatoes when she only had two pans and use of stove…what did she mash them with????

  3. susan says:

    I like cut throat kitchen but I hate when the person who wins is because they sabotage the other cook I think the taster should be told how with hands bound the cooks cooked there food as the cook who had to use big whisk came out a loser when the cook who won had grainy mouse

  4. Fred says:

    I am a fan of the show and enjoy the more devious sabotages. I think it would be quite enjoyable to watch a chef cook while their hands are handcuffed together. I imagine the chef trying to cut, stir and plate food all while their hands are handcuffed together. Hopefully I will get to see it on the show soon.

  5. Ree says:

    Am I the only one who noticed that the chef with the giant whisk put the food on the floor ? Not only did blondie put her bowl on the floor, she held it down between her boots. I cannot believe that such filthy practices would be allowed to take place on CTK. Where ever this woman is employed I hope that it is not in my town. I shudder to think of the germs that went through Simon's lips. To the person who was offended by Simon's prejudice, he may have gotten his just desserts…literally.

  6. john traller says:

    Why is kitchen sabotage coupled with taking back prize money so the show has to pay virtually nothing to entertain fools and sell advertizing an interesting format? It is not about cooking, or skill, it is insulting to watch: sort of a gladiatorial kitchen game for bored viewers of low intellect..
    Food Network and now HGTV have forced me to renew my interest in reading books and Netflix.Even Youtube has better cooking and design content.

  7. Marilyn says:

    This show is completely inane and has NO REDEEMING VALUE on a network which, up to this point, has ben focused on talent, kitchen knowledge, making good food and developing better cooking skills. You might as well sell this concept – AND KITCHEN CASINO (which is just as stupid) to a wrestling network – same level of entertainment.
    Alton's food knowledge and talent are completely lost here – so sad. Does this indicate the future of "Food" Network? Maybe we should expect it to be changed to "Food Fight Network" directed at 13 – 17 year old boys? GIVE US SUBSTANCE!

  8. ann robinson says:

    I really dislike this show. I am a major fan of Alton Brown and will watch all of his shows regardless of how old they are, but this show is terrible. Shame on Alton Brown for doing a show like this. I can paraphrase him from Iron Chef saying 'even competitive chefs help each other in the kitchen'. Now Food Network and Alton Brown, etc. are turning competitive cooking into a circus side show about how to "screw" people. Too, too, bad.

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