Testing the Cutthroat Sabotages: From Cooking Station to Shopping Cart

by in Shows, April 13th, 2014

With one swift auction and a bit of bad luck, Cutthroat Kitchen competitors could have all of their seemingly necessary tools and food products taken away from them and replaced with inferior items. From salt and knives to the stove and pans, nothing is safe in Cutthroat Kitchen, including the chefs’ workstations. On tonight’s all-new episode, contestants bid on a game-changing sabotage in Round 2’s enchilada challenge that forces one person to abandon his or her standard setup and fashion another one using a stocked toolbox. The catch? The workspace, heat source and cooktop must be built in and confined to a shopping cart. Was this challenge taking the competition too far and asking too much of one person during a 30-minute challenge? It turns out that the answer is no, as Food Network’s culinary team vetted and approved this sabotage prior to air.

Click the play button on the video above to watch the test unfold and see how one grocery store staple became a fully equipped cook space.

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Comments (5)

  1. frankje says:

    I had a hard time rooting for either chef in the final round tonight. The young woman certainly dished out the talk in the first round, but couldn't take later on. However, the constant trash talk that went on in the last round was ridiculous; this isn't Ali-Frasier. In the end, Judge Antonia preferred burned pancakes to a flourless chocolate torte? She didn't like the taste of condensed milk. The woman called her pancakes Tres Leches. Had chef Simon been judging, he would have thrown her out just for misrepresenting her dish.

  2. Oakville Kathy says:

    FN what has happened to common sense. You helped thousands of home cooks put a decent meal on the table for their family and for that special evening when it's your turn to entertain. You have filled the air space with stupid reality shows that loose the attention of the view after the first few shows. Giving one chef several shows sadly ends with the view being very bored. Viewers would love to learn to cook in a lighter more updated way for their family and friends. Trust me running around the kitchen with silly tasks just doesn't cut it. Watching chefs dropping food on the floor and sweating onto the food is a turn off. Get back to what brought you to the dance in the first place only make it more updated and refreshing. Used to be a long time viewer. Time for a change. Don't turn a fabulous idea into variations of silly game shows,

  3. Sandra says:

    I am very disappointed in the several of the new shows. Cutthroat Kitchen is now up to the level what I expect from FN. What happened to showing people how to cook, providing cooking tips, displaying unusual foods and showing how to prepare them? Actually, the most offensive was the Worst Cooks. Please stop!

  4. glenn3413 says:

    I really enjoy the show. What I think would be a real interesting twist would be
    to have some of the "Pro's" Syman, Alex, Bobby Flay or others compete and see what they
    could do.

  5. spike says:

    alton ! have them pull a number out of a hat and buy their proteins from a deli .. at crazy prices like $100 per pound for ground beef .. the more they want the more it will cost them .. and worse yet once anyone buys a meat type the deli counter is sold out ! .. plus they have to wait for their number to be called .. have them draw from a hat .. and have the deli counter start at number 1 .. no customer .. 2 no customer .. after a while they get to 65 . and a contestant comes up to get their meat .. hope they don't miss their number being called or they get no protein ! i would run the numbers in the hat from 100 to 500 or so .. the idea being that there is a while between numbers and the calling of the numbers just gets lost in the background ..

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