Worst Cooks Skill Drills: Seafood Freak-Outs

by in Shows, March 15th, 2014

Red Team lobstersCooking involves facing many different things, including ingredients that may not be as easy or pleasurable to deal with as others. Scaly fish, snapping lobsters — these are just some of the scary ingredients recruits have had to face on past seasons of Worst Cooks in America. All you have to remember is you’re at the top of the food chain. And when it comes to “dispatching” with a live lobster, some kitchen confidence is involved, but once you get beyond it, you will have an impressive lobster dinner.

The lesson that Anne and Bobby try to teach is to not to be afraid of anything in the kitchen, especially creatures of the deep. Cooking fish and shellfish may take some getting used to, but it’s no reason to keep from cooking and enjoying eating them.

Watch the video above to relive some top moments and learn how to build your confidence when dealing with scary seafood. The next time you see a recruit running in the other direction when faced with cooking seafood, you’ll know there’s nothing to be afraid of.

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Comments (5)

  1. Hannah Hart says:

    bobby flay is the best cook hi booby

  2. guest says:

    Why in the world would any of the cooking shows let a person with nails as long as the lady on Bobby's team cook . She would cut those nails NOW !!! It is no way she can be clean with her cooking.

  3. Gross Nails says:

    Please get rid of the woman with the nails! It is so disgusting to watch her work with food, especially when she uses her nails in the food and says, "This is when these nails come in handy." Can you imagine someone scraping food into a dish with normal length nails? How would you like to know a person shaved some pieces of some part of your dish with their fingernail? Picking that person to be on a the show was a real mistake. So unsanitary! Anne got mad when that person licked her fingers when she cooked…how is that much worse than nails in your food???

  4. Bobby Flay and supervisors running this show: maybe you have never seen what nails look like when they don't have nail polish on them and they are so long? They tend to look yellowish and have a sort of build-up under them. One time, have Amber remove her nail polish and look at her nails and THEN decide you would like her using them as "tools" to cook with in your food. And it doesn't matter if the food is cooked or raw. Can you just imagine an unsanitary chef who has a nail fall into his raw food, or a piece of skin or a hair and then he cooks it? Does that make it OK? Would you really be OK with eating someone's nail, skin or hair just because it was cooked above the temperature of killing bacteria and fungus??? I would not and I would NEVER eat a chef's food who had nails like her's. Your show is supposed to be geared towards teaching people who supposedly don't know how to cook, the proper ways of cooking and yet you allow Amber to keep her nails? You should have asked her to cut them before the taping started and if she refused then get another candidate. Looked like you had a lot. Also, this season, the recruits don't seem to be as bad as the season before. These guys seem to be gaining knowledge and skill a lot faster and easier. Maybe take longer to really find people who can't cook boiling water, as your commercials pre-season suggested they would be like.

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