Worst Cooks Skill Drills: Flavor, Flavor, Flavor

by in Shows, March 8th, 2014

Alina and BobbyWhen it comes to cooking, the most-important aspects that determine a successful plate of food are taste and flavor — that’s a given. Food that tastes good is good. But on Worst Cooks in America, taste and flavor are oftentimes the last things on recruits’ minds. What happens quite often is they will overcompensate with salt or use way too many spices when they’re told their food is not flavorful enough. And on occasion they will mix up competing flavors, making, say, a Cajun curry — a dish that is confused and muddled.

The lesson that Anne and Bobby try to teach is taste, taste, taste. Taste as you go, as you cook, so you won’t end up oversalting your food before serving it. It’s all about layering flavors and making combinations that work well together and do not compete against each other. This is a cornerstone of learning to cook, and hopefully by the end of Boot Camp the recruits will have learned this lesson.

Watch the video above to relive some top moments and learn a lesson or two on adding flavor to your dishes. The next time you see a recruit going overboard with salt or not using enough of it, take it as a reminder of what not to do in the kitchen. They risk getting eliminated by not seasoning properly, but you might risk being shunned by your friends and family.


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Comments (8)

  1. Guest says:

    Why the scarcity of comments this season? Is anybody watching? Last year the blogs were loaded. The blogs were almost as fun as the show. I miss Bow Tie Mike.

    • Robert says:

      I too miss Bow Tie Mike but maybe this season, Mike from Anne's Red Team could be a potential winner as he has outdone most of the competition so far. Jamie, for her part, may be the one that battles him for the finale. To me, it appears we may have a tie for the top spot on both teams this season. I recall Vinny from Bobby's Blue Team last season doing a great job up to the final end. But "Flirty Carla" of all of Bobby's teammates, was like a HORROR movie – she EMBARRASSED me as well as many others who saw her. It amazes me that nobody else on Bobby's team could have confronted her about that issue.

      • CVeraS says:

        Carla was playing a part. I commented several times last year, that in any place of business she would have been fired on the spot for sexual harassment. Bobby Flay owns several businesses. He knows the labor laws. They left her on for the ratings. If Bobby treated a woman like that he would have been fired faster than Paula Deen – and probably sued too. It really took a lot from the show. The contestants are more believable and kind of lovable this year – not annoying. Its wonderful fluff. With whats going on in my life right now, fluff is all I want in the evenings ( :

      • carla says:

        this is toooo funnny……

  2. Carolyn says:

    Kind of waiting for someone to serve a tube of Rolaids along with the Roulades this week!

  3. Carol says:

    I would not eat Amber's food due to the fact that she uses her finger nails as tools, YUCK!!!!! Sorry Amber but that is not acceptable….GROSS!!!

  4. Gross Nails says:

    Please get rid of the woman with the nails! It is so disgusting to watch her work with food, especially when she uses her nails in the food and says, "This is when these nails come in handy." Can you imagine someone scraping food into a dish with normal length nails? How would you like to know a person shaved some pieces of some part of your dish with their fingernail? Picking that person to be on a the show was a real mistake. So unsanitary! Anne got mad when that person licked her fingers when she cooked…how is that much worse than nails in your food???

  5. kizi 50 says:

    i like it, and i like kizi

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