What to Watch: Martha Stewart Visits The Kitchen and Actors Compete on Chopped Tournament of Stars

by in Shows, March 28th, 2014

MarthaStart your Saturday morning with Amy Thielen, who’s making recipes that are perfect to bridge the gap from winter to spring. Then on The Kitchen, special guest Martha Stewart stops by to make an icebox cake and she gets inducted into the Cookbook Club. Copies of her newest book, Martha Stewart Cakes, will be given away on FN Dish tomorrow.

Then on Sunday morning, Damaris whips up kid-friendly recipes for her niece and her niece’s friends. Later on, Jeff makes brunch-inspired sandwiches and a special dessert. In the afternoon, watch Buy This Restaurant as Keith helps two friends find a restaurant space in San Francisco. In the evening, watch all-new episodes of Food Court Wars, Chopped — where four actors enter the competition — and Cutthroat Kitchen.

Heartland Table: “On the Ice

In northern Minnesota, where Amy Thielen and her family reside, locals learn to live with snow and ice from December through late spring. To combat the fierce temperatures, her menu includes buttery Monkfish Almondine, Chestnut and Wild Rice Pilaf, Cast-Iron Carrots with Curry and vintage Toffee Bars.

Saturday 10:30a|9:30c

The Kitchen: “Martha Stewart Visits The Kitchen

This week The Kitchen has a special visitor: Martha Stewart stops by to share her recipe for a Chocolate-Chip-Cookie Icebox Cake and gets inducted into The Kitchen’s Cookbook Club. Jeff shares his family’s blueberry pancake recipe, and Marcela makes Spicy Oregano Burgers for dinner and then shows how to turn them into mini meatball pita sandwiches for lunch. Plus, the co-hosts have great ideas for sneaking nutrition into kids’ desserts. And once again, they’ll help you decide which kitchen tools are worth having in this week’s Tool Takedown.

Saturday 11a|10c

Southern at Heart: “Pizza Party

Damaris’ niece and friends are visiting, so she whips up foods that kids love with sneaky tricks to get them to eat their veggies. They make Semolina and Sun-Dried Tomato Waffle-Pizzas with homemade pizza sauce and Chocolate Chip-Cherry Cast-Iron Cookies. With simple, sure-fire recipes, Damaris shows how to make special meals for the little loved ones in your family.

Sunday 10a|9c

Sandwich King: “Brunchwiches

Jeff is starting off by making a Fried Egg and Oyster Sandwich served up with crispy pancetta on baked green tomatoes. Then it’s a Crisp Tempura Poached Egg over English Muffins with Red Pepper Corned Beef Hash. And for a little something sweet, he’s making red wine-poached pears topped with vanilla ice cream and crushed granola. (Episode: ZB0504H)

Sunday 11a|10c

Buy This Restaurant: “Living Out Lounge

Best friends Mark and Ramonn first bonded over cocktails at a bar Mark was managing, and now they’re looking to open a place of their own. Restaurant broker Keith will help them find the perfect location for their dream restaurant in San Francisco’s East Bay Area.

Sunday 2|1c

Food Court Wars: “Gaufre Gourmet vs. Pressed

Michael and Charlene have invested their life savings into their waffle-themed food truck, but have yet to see the success they need to grow their business and support their combined family. They face best friends and culinary school buddies Robert and Mike, who believe that their sandwich-based concept would be a natural fit in a mall that could fulfill the dream they’ve been chasing. Only one team will win a spot in a Kelso, Wash., food court.

Sunday 8|7c

Chopped: “Tournament of Stars: Actors!

With only one spot left in the finale of the $50,000 charity tournament, actors Lucas Grabeel, Michael Imperioli, Peter Scolari and Tasha Smith bravely take on the role of chef. In the first round, one competitor tries desperately to figure out the right cooking technique for a tricky ingredient. A pretty citrus fruit and spiny lobsters are two of the mystery ingredients that the competitors must demystify in the entree round. Then in the final round, the two remaining stars make both a mess and some very creative desserts with mascarpone and strawberries.

Sunday 9|8c

Cutthroat Kitchen: “Hawaii 5-Oh No!

Pasta art is up for auction in a pesto pasta challenge. A chef hangs loose when creating a Hawaiian plate for lunch. And someone gets his or her dose of sabotage when forced to use olive oil capsules to make muffins.

Sunday 10|9c

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Comments (27)

  1. Cindy Peters says:

    My favorite recipe is the http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/marcela-vallad…. I like this because it is versatile, for salads, sandwiches, great with omelets, eggs, etc. I love watching The Kitchen, it has everything, its entertaining and yet educational. Keep up the great work Chefs!

  2. Jax says:

    I tape the show because Saturday mornings are so crazy. Tonight I watched the Martha episode. Simply awesome! She is culinary royalty and today watching her laugh and joke with the cast was simply comforting. Jeff was the perfect pairing with her. Bravo to all the Chefs for The Kitchen—I am definitely a loyal fan

  3. Sunnyfilm10 says:

    Geoffrey's BBQ wings look amazing. I'm on a lifelong quest for the best and perfect wings. He had me at blue cheese butter. http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/geoffrey-zakar… So after savory wings, I'll need an awesome cake to wash it down. :-)

  4. Nancy says:

    Katie's beef stew was hearty and delicious! Yum! http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/katie-lee/beef

  5. Angela says:

    One of my faves is http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/katie-lee/no-b…. Such a quick and easy recipe to use and involve your kids in the cooking process. We are always asked to make them. Love using the dark cocoa power. Always love watching Martha bakes- she makes it all look so easy and yummy. Would love an autographed book (especially on cakes) to add to my collection of MS cookbooks.

  6. Yvonne P. Sanders says:

    I like the pesto-crusted salmon…but I LOVE salmon! How easy is this?! http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/geoffrey-zakar…. Love The Kitchen!

  7. Christina Crockett says:

    I have a kitchen tool I would like for you to try. I love, love, love it. Vidalia Chop Wizard the best thing on the market.

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