What Does It Take to Beat Bobby Flay? His Colleagues Speak Out

by in Shows, March 4th, 2014

Bobby Flay, Alex Guarnaschelli and Anne BurrellWith Bobby’s winning record in Kitchen Stadium and years’ worth of cook-off experience on Throwdown, the chefs hoping to take him down on his all-new series, Beat Bobby Flay, know that victory is going to be far from simple. This Iron Chef is known for his get-it-done sensibilities in the kitchen, and as the chefs who’ve cooked alongside him and the judges who’ve tasted his food know, he’ll stop at nothing to turn out challenge-worthy plates every time.

Before a competitor can advance to battle Bobby, however, he or she must win in a face-off against a peer; it’s up to Bobby’s closest friends and colleagues to determine which among them would be most-likely to succeed in a head-to-head matchup against him. FN Dish caught up with these Round 1 special guests — either on the set of Beat Bobby Flay or at the Savor Borgata celebration at Atlantic City’s Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa — to ask them a question: What does it take to beat Bobby Flay? They know his strengths and weaknesses like few others do, have cooked with him personally and professionally, and they’re sure to be honest when it comes to doling out advice to Bobby’s potential defeaters. Hear what Alex Guarnaschelli, Anne Burrell, Michael Symon and more Food Network stars had to say.

Click the image below to hear from the chefs.

Bobby Flay

Tune in Thursday at 10|9c to catch an all-new episode of Beat Bobby Flay.

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Comments (3)

  1. Desiree Rose says:

    Hello, I watched the Worst Cooks in America show last night, and I am unable to find the chicken receipe from last night. It was a chicken breast that needed to be pounded, seasoned, then a strip of bacon and cheese, and other ingredients were wrapped in the check breast tied then fried. Please send me this receipe..Thank you.

  2. Dr. Johnny Fever says:

    "Beat Bobby Flay" just came to Canada yesterday, so sorry for the late comments.

    The problem with this show is that there's nothing to lose for Bobby Flay, and not enough to gain for the contestant. If Bobby Flay loses then I think what should happen is…

    1. The celebrity chef that was "trying to take him down" becomes the new person to "beat" in the next episode
    2. The contestant that beat Bobby Flay gets to return for Round 1 of the next episode

    The episode that was just released in Canada was "Farmer and the Belle'. So under my suggestion, IF Bobby Flay lost…

    1. The show is renamed "Beat Michael Symon"
    2. Karen Akunowicz gets to enter the competition again in Round 1

    Now instead of just bragging rights, the celebrity chefs and contestants can actually brag how many episodes they survived!

  3. Jodi Kenny says:

    I think the show is fixed! Bobby's dish is always first for the judges to taste. therefore they know it's his dish they are tasting. Every now and then they will give it to the guest chef but other than that they already know ahead of time who cooked what!

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