Know Your Knife Cuts [Infographic]

by in How-to, Shows, March 21st, 2014

Worst Cooks Culinary Cuts Infographic

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Comments (9)

  1. Judy says:

    It was late but I was so happy to see Ace of Cakes. I enjoyed that show very much.

  2. RD Campbell says:

    The kitchen has its problems , namely GZ and Sunny.
    the rest of the cast is fine and do the show well.
    iron chef GZ is a bit of a prima donna which immediately puts you off.
    and sunny Anderson acts as I the whole thing is a marathon race and she 's
    going to loudmouth her way to the front of the pack.
    good show , very informative other than that.
    I think GZ 's cocktails are a bit much also

  3. Kawsor says:

    I've several knife forge in addition to I've bought it for the last 1. 5 many years but nevertheless the idea look completely new. The knife forge writing idea has the ability to produce everyone several happy understanding of the actual knife forge.

  4. Anthony T says:

    Thank you Sara De Heer for sharing this infographic!! But you did not mention the type of knives needed to cut the items, which type of blades (plain edge or serrated blade) are required for!! I like the picture with culinary knife cuts.

  5. Hey Sarah, Did you create any video of this infographic? I like this infographic regarding knife, cut!! Which knife you recommend for cutting such items? I am looking for more information regarding the topic.

  6. Kenneth says:

    This is a pretty cool infographic. Plus, I love the show "Worst Cooks in America". At any rate, from someone who loves to cook, I used all of these different cuts in the past, but didn't know the official name for all of them – like Chiffonade.

  7. Jim says:

    Great infographic, it amazes me how many people are turned off from cooking their own food simply because they don't know how to properly use a knife in the various ways necessary for many recipes.

  8. Matt says:

    Interesting knife diagram. I'm sure during culinary school, these techniques are taught and practiced upon, but what is the best knife to use for culinary cuts like these? Any experienced chefs care to answer?

  9. The brunoise is one of the hardest cuts to do, but is pretty awesome if you learn it!
    Anyways great infographic :) very informative!

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