Home Cooks Compete for the Title of America’s Best Cook in the New Series

by in Shows, March 5th, 2014

America's Best CookIn the new culinary competition America’s Best Cook, premiering Sunday, April 13 at 9|8c, 16 home cooks, mentored by Food Network chefs, will have the opportunity to win the best cook title and a $50,000 grand prize. Ted Allen hosts the new series, which divides the competitors into four teams, each led by a chef-mentor representing a region of the country. Alex Guarnaschelli represents the East. Cat Cora leads the South. Michael Symon represents the North. And Tyler Florence is the leader for the West.

In the first episode, the home cooks will be divided into teams of four members. A challenge will help the mentors determine which two home cooks to choose to represent them and hopefully lead them to victory. Each consecutive episode will begin with a Group Challenge in which the mentors counsel their cooks in creating dishes to impress a guest judge (Anne Burrell, Bobby Flay, Ron Ben-Israel, Marcel Vigneron or Geoffrey Zakarian). The bottom four home cooks will then face off in the Pressure Cooker round, which will determine who goes home and who remains for another week. The finale puts the four remaining home cooks through three grueling single-elimination rounds until one cook is left standing, alongside his or her chef-mentor, as America’s Best Cook.

Tell us below which culinary region you’re rooting for or tweet @FoodNetwork with the hashtag #BestCook.

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Comments (58)

  1. Kevin says:

    Are the rules actually being enforced? In episode 2, I saw Michael pour water in the cast iron skillet, which technically, I would consider to be "cooking" rather than instructing, and Alex says "salt" to her chef towards the end.

    The show is entertaining enough, but the rules seem to be rather loosely enforced.

  2. Ann says:

    Dictator/Boss Simon doesn't know what 'mentoring' is…….he's even done some cooking..breaking the rules….boses, dictates to his clients "If she ever trusts me" he said meant "She damn well better do it my way" and so he ruins the concept of the contest. His people are scared to death so have no individuality, no skill or knowledge in what they're doing instead they are his puppets. Sure he will win with one of them, but it's certainly NOT MENTORING.
    It's wonderful how skillfully Cat, Alex and Tyler who are true mentors, coaching, showing, suggesting, never demanding or bossing or dictating their "will, not God's be done" . he ruins the show yet he will winn because nobody on the staff will or has ever put him in his place; It appears that he's the owner, producer, director and judge of the show: is he?
    I so would like to have seen mentoring by four, not just three but it's not balanced or fair when everyone in charge lets the dictator, the Boss, got, do just whatever he wants.

  3. alois khodl says:

    I 5hink that the games yo are playing sucks and the guy chering it looks like they just let him ou of SHELTER AL

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