How Do You Define Breakfast? — Alton’s After-Show

by in Shows, March 2nd, 2014

While some challenge dishes on Cutthroat Kitchen are straightforward, like apple pie, a burrito and grilled cheese, the Round 1 plate on tonight’s brand-new episode left some room for interpretation. The task was to create an all-American breakfast in 30 minutes — Alton gave no other instructions and simply let the chefs prepare their own definitions of that morning meal.

“Usually it would feature eggs, bread, perhaps a smoked pork product — bacon, ham,” judge Jet Tila said on the latest installment of Alton’s After-Show of his idea of an all-American breakfast. It turns out that nearly all of the competitors held similar beliefs, as three attempted to turn out egg-focused dishes and another offered two takes on toast. Within these plates, however, there existed strong disparities, and each highlighted unique inspirations, including California flair, Southern ingredients and a love of hash.

Click the play button on the video above to watch more of Jet and Alton dishing on the After-Show, and find out which chef couldn’t outcook Round 1. Then tell FN Dish in the comments: How do you define breakfast? Do your morning meals look different on weekdays than they do on the weekend? Are you more likely to crave sweet specialties like waffles or pancakes, or do you often reach for savory picks like eggs Benedict?

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Comments (14)

  1. rgg says:

    Athena could've buried Rena, she had an $18,500 advantage…. Instead, she got greedy or she was totally unaware that she still would've walked away with a nice cache of greens sabotaging her twice… I know the brand that she was extracting the tortillas from (Amy's which can be found in Whole Foods)…

    • Bob says:

      The worst thing was she say ti was for her kid. Um 15k would still be a lot for the kid and 10x for disneyland.
      This was one of the stupidest battle ever because she had sooooo much more cash. She lost for not being greedy but more so stupid. Who need 15k for disneyland? (consider she spend 3.5k for the last round)

  2. Mitch says:

    Unreal how stupidly Athena played that one. If she would have stuck Rena with the crappy enchiladas for her tortillas, it would have gone the other way.

  3. frankje says:

    What frustrates me the most about this show is that the chef I least want to win often does. My only question is how could chef Athena let chef Rena win that frozen tortilla sabotage when Athena had more than 5x the amount of money that Rena had. The same was true for chef Terry. He had 24K and let himself be given a two day old pizza. Somehow he thought he could fake a calzone. Yet, whenever Jet Tila judges he always boggles my mind too. He criticized chef Terry's "calzone" for not being crispy and chef Rena's for being doughy. He always seems to forgive a chef for under cooking something. Chef's Rena's win was anticlimactic because I bet her travel expenses are more than her prize money, I hope.

  4. Your blog so impressive I will be share your blog in my close friends. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Unknown says:

    Athena had a huge advantage thanks to Terry whose plan was letting Rena spend a huge amount of cash in the 2nd round but Athena wasted it when she didn't win the 2nd auction and started to become arrogant again. I knew she would be most likely out with that I seen it before.The only differences is Athena had a really huge amount of cash and Rena only had less than 6k.

    Athena should of played the game right instead of being too cocky. Only Rena and Terry was playing the game if Terry was in the final round he would of spend the money in the two auctions in a heartbeat he was saving the 24k for the last round but it backfired on him.

  6. Karen says:

    I honestly don't think the ending was fair. Even though the enchiladas went to Chef Athena, Chef Rena's food didnt look very good. Chef Tila's judging is really weird and I don't think he was fair in his decision

  7. Linda sebastian says:

    I just don't get it. What idiots, week after week, the same thing happens. It's getting boring. Rina shouldn't have beat terry out second round, while his pizza was soggy it wasn't't underdone dough. You can eat soggy but not doughy. Chef jet needs his rear adjusted. Perhaps maybe they shouldn't know whose dish is whose. Then it was just outrageous that Athena did not fight the last round. Terry had just lost for a similar reason. Jet wanted crisp… Oh well, glad to see I was not alone in my opinion.

  8. Guest says:

    Still can't believe Athena wouldn't spend for the frozen enchiladas….. And, as a general comment, I enjoy watching the After-Show, but really wish they'd include a review of all of the sabotages! In this particular case, they skipped the second round entirely, and that pizza was a huge deal.

  9. Kimberly says:

    Athena should have won. Even with the crummy tortillas, her presentation was better. I don't blame her for hanging on to her money. Remember the pancake challenge in the first round? They could have easily sprung something like that on her again and she would have needed that money. She was brilliant and professional. She wanted to win, too, so she could take her daughter on vacation, so it made sense for her to keep it. As her former teacher, I am very proud of her and even though she did not win this episode, she will triumph eventually. She always does!

  10. @WineFoot says:

    A couple of issues with this episode:

    1. The judge's comments that Athena's dipping sauce was "too acidic" was dumb – OF COURSE IT WAS – it was tomato-based.

    2. How could the judge NOT award the final win to Athena when her plating and care of the ingredients were clearly superior? Granted, it wasn't in a "fajita form" per se, she still should have won on flavor and plating.

    Someone call the cops, Athena was robbed! :)

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