Your Worst Cooks Moment: Share Your Kitchen Disaster Story

by in Shows, February 22nd, 2014

Anne and MuneerahThis season of Worst Cooks in America, Mondays at 9|8c, has a new set of Boot Camp recruits, a motley crew of culinary disasters who have proved they can’t cook. With Anne and Bobby as their mentors, one worst cook has the chance to become the best of the worst and win $25,000. But when it comes to cooking disasters, everyone has had a Worst Cooks moment at least once — if not more. Any blunder in the kitchen serves as a lesson not to make the same mistake again.

If while watching the premiere this past Monday you had a déjà vu moment, recalling a mistake you’ve made in the kitchen, FN Dish wants to know. Share your cooking horror stories.

What’s your Worst Cooks moment? Here are some stories fans of the show have already shared on Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Share yours in the comments section below.

From Twitter
@KDibs Forgetting to pit the cherries for a cherry cheesecake.
@skl3560 Brownie mix said stir 20 times. Sis-in-law blended on high for 20 seconds. Made brownie jerky
@melindawalp Scratch apple pie & left skins on apples.
@Alygirl9793 When I first started cooking, attempted to make eggplant parmesan, forgot to fry the eggplant first.
@kmarsh828 Nothing like trying to boil noodles in the microwave without water!

From Facebook
Suzanne Ashley: The first turkey I ever cooked — used a brown paper bag as my mama did — didn’t realize the bag still contained a receipt from The Salvation Army thrift store. It baked right onto the bird and was completely legible to my guests.
Judd Campbell: Making lasagna and realizing the ricotta mix is still in the fridge when you are done.
Lori Beard: When I first started to cook I didn’t know that cloves of garlic were different from heads of garlic. So I put an entire head of garlic in my picadillo. My poor husband ate it but was sweating the whole time! It wasn’t until later that I figured out my error! Never made that mistake again!
Loreene Masuga: Once while making dumplings I did not realize that I was using self-rising flour. Every time my dumplings hit the heated water they exploded.

From Google+
Skylar Hass: One time I accidentally got some soap bubbles in cupcake mix.
Dwayne Dittmer: I grabbed the gallon of soy sauce instead of the vanilla for the French toast at work.
Sylvia Perez: I accidentally put cinnamon on my steaks thinking it was the pepper.

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Comments (20)

  1. Marcia says:

    Not too many blunders thankfully, other than one years ago when I was making a pineapple upside down cake for a party, and forgot to put in the pineapple.

  2. Susan says:

    While waiting for a stove hookup in a new house… made meat sauce spaghetti using charcoal grill and crockpot. I'm vege, so didn't taste! Yuck husband said, so I tried it. Yuck! Had grilled the burger and charcoal and oregano flavor are disgusting when combined as the "flavorant" for italian meat sauce. Had many skillets too… just didn't think to use. Duh. Had salad that night…

  3. Richard says:

    First time I tried to make Baked Alaska:

    Baked a scratch yellow cake, started trying to make the meringue – took eggs out of fridge, cracked and separated whites into metal bowl, added sugar and cream of tartar and started mixing. Never could get stiff peaks. Added more C of T, no dice. Put bowl in fridge to chill, no help. Repeated both steps, still no peaks. Spread the thin, runny meringue over the cake and ice cream as best I could and baked. Got melted ice cream soaked into mushy cake covered in runny semi-congealed egg whites.

    We didn't have the World Wide Web back then, so had to research the hard way but eventually found out: egg whites whip up better when WARM, chilling the bowl was making things worse, not better, and starting with cold eggs didn't help.

    Next time, put the oven on Warm and put the egg whites and bowl in for a few minutes – meringue was easy-peasy with warm bowl and whites.

  4. Ashley says:

    I believed my cousin when she told me that you can melt marshmallows in three microwave!

  5. Sous Chef says:

    As Sous chef of a fairly new restaurant, we had one of our busiest nights running–and one of my cooks was using curdled cream to make marsalas! Arguments ensued about whose fault it was and the kitchen fell into chaos, causing most of the dining room to walk out unserved. I ordered the crew (the ones who didn't get fired) a bunch of just 'say "yes chef" and do it' T-shirts, just to remind them lol. Highly effective, I recommend them to anyone who works with others in the kitchen, professionally of otherwise.

    They're here:

  6. Barbara says:

    Duck a la Agent Orange! I slathered on the sauce before I started the roasting and it burnt to a crisp by the time the duck was done.

  7. cantcookintx says:

    made spaghetti using SPAM, and sis in law out noodles in cold water cooked for 20 minutes so gross & I love pasta couldn't eat rest of day

  8. annedive2002 says:

    I have had a couple kitchen missteps that my family will not let me forget. When I was first learning how to cook, I was trying to make waffles. The recipe called for sour milk. I was short on milk by about a 1/4 cup, so I just made up the difference with vinegar. The second was when I was making pecan pie for a family get together. I was staying at our family's cabin at the time and grabbed what I thought was the sugar container. When the pie was tasted later I found out it was a canister full of salt. I had unintentionally substituted salt for sugar. YUCK!

  9. Carol says:

    When I was 8-years old, I got up early one weekend morning to make breakfast the for the family — oatmeal — just like Mom makes. I carefully read the box of Quaker Oatmeal and added the salt to the water; however, I added the incorrect amount of salt and the oatmeal I proudly dished out to everyone was a salty mess! To make things worse, my Father made EVERYONE eat it, being that I had gone to the trouble of making breakfast for everyone (I didn't even want to eat it!). I'm sure we each put A LOT of sugar in our bowls of oatmeal that morning. After breakfast, my Mom gently told me that she doesn't add salt to the water. Despite that disaster, each of my siblings and I went on to make many successful meals. Many thanks to Mom for her example and all of her home-cooked meal inspiration!!

  10. Gross Nails says:

    Please get rid of the woman with the nails! It is so disgusting to watch her work with food, especially when she uses her nails in the food and says, "This is when these nails come in handy." Can you imagine someone scraping food into a dish with normal length nails? How would you like to know a person shaved some pieces of some part of your dish with their fingernail? Picking that person to be on a the show was a real mistake. So unsanitary! Anne got mad when that person licked her fingers when she cooked…how is that much worse than nails in your food???

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