Dessert Doyenne Kerry Vincent Answers the Call for Help on Save My Bakery

by in Shows, February 6th, 2014

Kerry Vincent Viking PastriesStale bakeries are no more when Kerry Vincent comes in and works her expertise in Food Network’s new series Save My Bakery, premiering March 19 8|7c. With years of professional experience to call upon, Kerry revives bakeries’ selections of sweets as well as their sliding sales. Kerry’s mission is to reinvigorate local bakeries and put them back on the neighborhood radar. At the same time, she mends strained relationships that often are at the center of these failing businesses. As a master sugar artist and cake designer, and an inductee in the International Cake Exploration Societé Hall of Fame and the Dessert Professional Hall of Fame, there’s no better person for the job. Food Network fans may also remember Kerry from Food Network Challenge, where she served as head judge.

In the first episode, Kerry visits Viking Pastries in Ardmore, Pa. The bakery used to be the neighborhood hot spot, but over the years it has lost its business and is now on the verge of closing. Both the shop and its recipes have lost their appeal to customers. If the owners want their business to succeed, they’ll have to attract a younger clientele. With the help of a contractor, Kerry will guide the shop through a complete remodel, and she will reimagine the baked goods, all in hopes of breathing new life into the bakery.

Watch the premiere on March 19 8|7c.

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Comments (10)

  1. lcsa99 says:

    That is exciting. I am glad to have her back on the food network. My husband and I both missed her (and challenge!)

  2. Ellen S says:

    I grew up on pastries from this bakery, and although I live states away, it would break my heart to see this gem go. I actually dream about a danish ring they made here. And their signature cakes with the chocolate curls and real buttercream was wonderful. Please save this place; I promise to visit. Or better yet, I would order the cinnamon danish ring online if they'd send it!

  3. Guest says:

    I could tell from the introduction this show was bound to be good. Kerry Vincent knows her stuff. We've missed her too.

  4. bakerybgirl says:

    Great show!

    How/where can we make a recommendation for a bakery that needs an intervention?

    My sister has a fabulous gluten-free bakery in rural Virginia called Triple Oak Bakery (Sperryville), that merits expansion but has little space.

  5. FNGoodEats says:

    That show was laughable–completely formulaic and contrived. It was Restaurant Impossible combined with Bakery Boss. Kerry Vincent cannot convey that tough love personality like Robert Irvine does because she has no heart and no connection to people. Her ideas for the bakery were ridiculously stupid. She designed a cake that looked like it had a clothesline hanging over it. The coloring she did on the cupcakes was not at all appealing. The porcupine cinnamon buns on a stick made me laugh out loud. Her amateurish attempts at psychology were horrifying. I felt sorry for the family. Food Network quit trying to feed us junk food!

    • Cafe_Moi says:

      Agreed. It's alomost like they scripted Restaurant Impossible and tried to plug Ms Vincent in. From a production standpoint this show should go in the circular file. I don't see myself watching any more of it.

      On another note, is this the way FN is going? Challenges and game shows as opposed to cooking?

      • FNGoodEats says:

        I agree with you on that–I'd like to see more cooking shows and not silly game shows. I love Alton Brown but hate his new show, Cutthroat Kitchen. He should be above that. Guys Grocery Games, Chef Wanted, etc. are all weak offerings. I do love Iron Chef and Chopped though.

  6. Gail says:

    Kerry Vincent is just wonderful! She is an all-time favorite and I love seeing her every week on this show. More and more Kerry and less and less of others (I'm not going to dog anyone). Ms Vincent would be welcomed regardless of the show format!!!

  7. ajp says:

    This show is so fake! Shame on foods network for stooping to this level of programsin.

  8. Peggy says:

    LOVE the show and Kerry…My sister and I have opened a bakery in Amarillo, TX and are loving iit..Kerry's ideas have helped us quite a bit. We have great recipes and so much fun…thanks Kerry

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