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It’s ready! We are so excited to introduce’s freshest look, with all-new, improved ways of discovering the best recipes, videos, tips, restaurants, chefs and shows around. After months of planning and plotting, testing and tweaking, our cleaner, smarter, easy-to-browse site is ready for prime time.

“We’re thrilled to roll out our rebuilt sites for desktop and mobile this week,” said Angela Moore, vice president of Food Network’s digital group. “’s new design, navigation, search and overall experience enable our audience to find the content and tools they need to make their lives — and meals! — easier, more enriched and more fun.”

Here’s a quick tour of the new look and feel:

At your fingertips are your favorite chefs, their recipes, their shows and even their exclusive digital content, like Bobby Flay Fit, complete with bolder visuals and easier-to-navigate pages filled with videos, recipes and tips.

Bobby Flay Fit on

We know you crave information about what to watch, and you want to find it as quickly as possible, discovering what’s new on air as well as when you can see your favorite shows. So we’ve updated our program guide for fast searching. Program Guide

We wanted the new site to be bolder, brighter, modern, smart and fun. You’ll notice that social sharing tools are simple to find without getting in the way of photo galleries, videos and tip-filled articles.

The Social Toolbar on

And because sometimes you just want to get dinner on the table (or the party started!), we’ve gathered and streamlined the look of  our  in-the-moment coverage of eaters’ favorite recipes, holidays and events, like the Super Bowl. Our Big-Game Bash is big-game central, taking you from the best kickoff appetizers to easy fan-favorite desserts. You’ll find the look cleaner, better organized and quick to browse on your computer. Don’t forget to try out our all-new Recipe Box, too; save Food Network recipes, your own and those from other websites, and keep your shopping list synced no matter which device you’re using—easy!

Big-Game Bash on

Here’s a look at what you’ll see in our mobile experience when you’re on your phone at the market, getting ingredients or standing in line deciding what to make for dinner: Mobile

But we also know that sometimes food tastes best when you’re on the road, so we’ve improved our restaurant coverage, giving you up-to-date searchable listings of all the diners, drive-ins, dives and top-notch sit-down spots our shows and chefs are visiting, so that you can, too.

On the Road on

These are just a handful of the new features we’ve cooked up to improve the time you spend with Food Network. Click around and have some fun finding many more. We hope you’re pleased, and we’re excited to hear from you. Tell us what you think!

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Comments (116)

  1. MrsBlumenthal says:

    I don't get it. Why would TPTB at FN approve such a miserable website. I guess they don't use the website themselves or they'd be up in arms as well. The graphics are hideous — I can't relax when I come on this site with the strong headlines — reminds me of the MSN news website. The last straw for me is the black rectangle that appears at the bottom of a recipe stating "This recipe featured in Comfort Foods Recipes …or Thanksgiving recipes or whatever…" and there is no way to exit out the black rectangle so it's my constant companion while reviewing recipes and recipe reviews. It's even more annoying to me than the pop up commercials.

  2. Wintwok says:

    People, people, people. FN does not care a whit about your complaints of their terrible website. The only way you are going to be effective is to let the advertisers on this website know why you are leaving and then vote with your feet

  3. lina says:

    Wow not only did you take out the filters to whittle down the recipe lists you made finding the lesser know chefs impossible. I usually print all my holiday recipes here not even that would be worth the time.
    Today I was looking for a recipe for leeks and chicken and got results for well over a hundred results and no way to narrow the results.

    quick dinner recipes for 2

  4. Bren says:

    As a viewer since day 1 when fledgling Food Network was in black and white, I have enjoyed it until about 5 years ago. I am sorry to say that Food Network has dropped to the lowest depths of class. How many of us no longer watch anything other than Ina Garten or early Giada shows? I know we are in the minority now but then, why is Barefoot Contessa so popular. I do know celebrated chefs who would never want to be associated with this vehicle and I can understand why. And now the lowest point is the winner Lenny who seems to have exhibited the very the very worst of behavior on the web. What next FN?????

  5. elaine says:

    Can't stand not being able to print recipies any more. Waste of ink and paper. I am so disapointed. Please fix it,

  6. Wonderful and amazing piece of work, thanks for sharing such a great posts for us and help us, really helpful for us. Thanks again. If any one need canon printer drivers and pc or other usb drivers, then you download unlimited drivers for free from our blog.

  7. Frank says:

    Waste of a site without being able to print and prepare a recipe!

  8. Renee says:

    For many years, I was a great fan of both Food Network television and it's user friendly website. Utilizing both, I became a wonderful cook. In recent years, the game show style, hyper paced, course competition shows, and now, the poorly designed website that doesn't allow you to easily print out recipes have really turned me away in frustration. I wonder what happened and why. I don't think asking you to change it back will help, but I'm asking anyway. Please go back to the old design so I can print out recipes.

  9. Dgrant says:

    How bad is it? Almost unreadable.

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