Restaurant Revisited: Clueless in the Country at Heather’s Country Kitchen

by in Shows, January 1st, 2014

Robert Irvine on Restaurant: ImpossibleWhile the inferior food and uninspired decor were in desperate need of Robert Irvine‘s attention when he arrived at Heather’s Country Kitchen in Plains, Mont., owner Heather Worrall’s lack of leadership was of far more concern to Robert, given how little Heather seemed to know about running her business. With just two days to work and a budget of just $10,000, it was up to Robert and his Restaurant: Impossible team to overhaul all aspects of Heather’s Country Kitchen and to give Heather the tools she needed to manage her business alongside her family so they could ultimately reopen Heather’s as a welcoming business with a confident leader at the helm. Read on below to hear from Heather and find out how her restaurant is doing today.

“Business was really steady” immediately after filming, according to Heather, who says that the updated design “makes you smile when you walk in the door.” She adds, “People just love the new flooring. Everyone wants to know where it was purchased so they can put it in their homes.”

As far as the food at her restaurant goes, Heather explains that she’s consistently sampling what’s being made in the kitchen. “I taste test all our products, such as our homemade mashers and our fresh [french] fries,” she says, noting that the eatery is serving many from-scratch offerings. “All the cooks are still seasoning things …. I am cooking some of our items. No more frozen mac and cheese. I now make my Nana’s homemade mac and cheese and our customers really seem to enjoy it. I also am making my own meatloaf and it seems to be a hit. And no more frozen fried chicken….I am making good ol’ Southern fried chicken.”

Jackie isn’t an employee at Heather’s anymore, according to Heather, who says, “It was just too difficult to be [Jackie’s] mom and her boss all at the same time.” She adds that Courtney, Beth and Amber have adjusted well to the changes and that she and Courtney “have learned to discuss issues instead of yelling and screaming at each other.” Although Beth and Amber initially struggled with the updates, they’ve settled into their new reality, Heather says. “They weren’t liking some of my new guidelines at first, but they realized if they wanted a job, that they needed to follow them.”

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Comments (138)

  1. Linda says:

    I saw the re-run of this show. I feel sorry for her. Her children are growing up and maybe a bit of empty nest feelings is creeping in….but that does not excuse her wanting to buy a business to keep her happy while her husband in on the road a month at a time. He should have retired while he had his chance, and helped her open a smaller cafe just to try her hand at it. I drove from a truck with my husband from 73 to 93 all the while raising two girls. It's hard. But there seems to be no structure, and the crying has to quit. She OWNS the business and really that's all she wants without the hard work which she needs to be up to her elbows in. Robert was right, the business is not worth losing her family over. The girls need the experience of working for other businesses first. That will teach hopefully structure, rules, regulations and consequences. Let the girls find their own path, who knows maybe they would want to work for Mom later on. My prayers are for Heathers husband. She has added a lot of pressure on him……maybe she should go get her CDL like I did, and go with him for three months, while the girls run the restaurant. Who knows, she may be the problem and needs to step back for a better look. Just sayin'.

  2. PlainsResident says:

    I live near Plains and have eaten in this restaurant twice, once before the makeover and once after the makeover. The food was not cooked correctly or seasoned both times. The service is very slow and they never checked on me after I ate a few bites of the food I ordered. I have worked in restaurants before several years in many places and know how to cook. I will never ever eat at Heather's Country Kitchen and recommend you don't waste your time or hard earned money there.

  3. Kathleen Schwab says:

    My husband and I went to Heather's about 2 months ago. My expensive burger had potato straws and blue cheese. I could not taste either one. The meat patty was large, but dry and over cooked. The bun looked delicious, but was bitter and overwhelmed all the other flavors. Service was so-so, but loud music coming out of the kitchen was not cool. Totally underwhelming experience and we will not go back. I was driving through Plains a couple weeks ago and the place looks closed now. Good riddance!

  4. guest says:

    Why did the family all wear the same clothes for 2 days? Didn't they go to sleep at all? Hair and makeup all perfect and exact same outfits. Hmmm. Methinks they just taped the whole thing on one day. Staged like all supposedly "reality" tv. I too do not like the gray and yellow combo. The floor was great but the rest was not so appetizing. Good luck to anyone running a family business especially a restaurant.

  5. Mark Kelm says:

    We visited Heather's yesterday for lunch. The service was quick and friendly. The restaurant is clean and neat. We ordered the chicken noodle soup and sliders. The soup was delicious with homemade noodles. The sliders were well plated and presented, but the beef patty was overcooked and dry. I would stop again if in Plains.

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