Restaurant Revisited: Clueless in the Country at Heather’s Country Kitchen

by in Shows, January 1st, 2014

Robert Irvine on Restaurant: ImpossibleWhile the inferior food and uninspired decor were in desperate need of Robert Irvine‘s attention when he arrived at Heather’s Country Kitchen in Plains, Mont., owner Heather Worrall’s lack of leadership was of far more concern to Robert, given how little Heather seemed to know about running her business. With just two days to work and a budget of just $10,000, it was up to Robert and his Restaurant: Impossible team to overhaul all aspects of Heather’s Country Kitchen and to give Heather the tools she needed to manage her business alongside her family so they could ultimately reopen Heather’s as a welcoming business with a confident leader at the helm. Read on below to hear from Heather and find out how her restaurant is doing today.

“Business was really steady” immediately after filming, according to Heather, who says that the updated design “makes you smile when you walk in the door.” She adds, “People just love the new flooring. Everyone wants to know where it was purchased so they can put it in their homes.”

As far as the food at her restaurant goes, Heather explains that she’s consistently sampling what’s being made in the kitchen. “I taste test all our products, such as our homemade mashers and our fresh [french] fries,” she says, noting that the eatery is serving many from-scratch offerings. “All the cooks are still seasoning things …. I am cooking some of our items. No more frozen mac and cheese. I now make my Nana’s homemade mac and cheese and our customers really seem to enjoy it. I also am making my own meatloaf and it seems to be a hit. And no more frozen fried chicken….I am making good ol’ Southern fried chicken.”

Jackie isn’t an employee at Heather’s anymore, according to Heather, who says, “It was just too difficult to be [Jackie’s] mom and her boss all at the same time.” She adds that Courtney, Beth and Amber have adjusted well to the changes and that she and Courtney “have learned to discuss issues instead of yelling and screaming at each other.” Although Beth and Amber initially struggled with the updates, they’ve settled into their new reality, Heather says. “They weren’t liking some of my new guidelines at first, but they realized if they wanted a job, that they needed to follow them.”

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Comments (138)

  1. FNGossip says:

    What was up with the decorations on this one? Maybe they should have done something outside or made a new sign or something.

    • FNGossip jr says:

      people have different tastes! not everyone is going to like it. if your there to have dinner who cares what the place looks like. your there to eat not judge

    • GiveARat's says:

      Overall, I think it was a considerable improvement. But I did find the fence pickets on the booths and the upside down die cut flowers on the light fixtures and the bird houses to be a little goofy. Not Lynn's best work, in my opinion.

      I would agree, even just a little sprucing up of the exterior might have been effort better-spent.

  2. Gregg says:

    I hated the grey and yellow décor Robert came up with. It looked cheap; it could have been a "Before" of a failing restaurant, rather than an "After".

  3. stressgirl says:

    Best of luck to Heather's!

  4. Evelyn Dolif says:

    It was suppose to be a country kitchen. I liked it.

  5. Barker62 says:

    Great remodeling job by Lynn except: The birdhouses – can you say dust and cobweb catchers? And the pickets dividing the booths is an accident waiting to happen with little kids climbing, etc. Floor is great!
    I didn't need to eat there to see the meatloaf was yuck. A couple of other original menu things didn't look all that good either. Glad to see that not only are they seasoning items but using fresh – fresh is almost always better (when available!).
    As for the exterior….they only had 10K. Let them get back into the black and THEN you can worry about the outside! It's Montana….more important to be warm right now!!!!!!

    • billy bob says:

      I don't see how those booth can be a accident waiting to happen when your kids should be seated instead of climbing around on them…watch your kids and tell them to sit down and eat.

      • complainers says:

        like billy bob says control your kids while in public places. It does not matter what you put on the walls its going to collect dust or webs, thats what cleaning is for.

      • RIWatcher says:

        It isn't just little kids it could be a hazard toward billy bob. A customer or server could slip and do some damage to themselves.

    • RIWatcher says:

      Barker: I had the same thought about those pickets as soon as I saw them! Heather and Bob should attach a flat piece of board on top.

    • Julie B says:

      I agree, Barker! The picket trim is cute as hell, but I guess there's a reason you don't see it on booths alot. It does seem dangerous cause there's ALWAYS going to be kids whose parents don't bother to control.

  6. CherylD says:

    Why does everyone who is NOT from the country think that yellow paint and white wash is "country"? And all that grey was so colorless! I hope Heather added some color (just not BLUE!) LOL!

    • colorless says:

      what is country colors? I think all colors are country colors! If you look outside in the country you will find all colors

    • Linda says:

      I agree, gray is so bland, a word Robert uses all the time. Surprised he even allowed that color to be used. The picket fence trim…..that's an injury waiting to happen, especially with small children who want to stand in the seats. I can get past all that goldenrod yellow, but way too much gray. He should have used more of the "Montana" colors. I know grey is the new neutral for this year, but it makes me think of garage floors, old back/front porch floor paint. Not a good choice of colors for this business that's in the great outdoors.

      • Stephanie E says:

        You must live in a old barn then. Look at Restoration Harwdware! That place was clean, fresh and gorgeous once the team was done!

  7. plainslocal says:

    A group of ladies visited Heather's. We were the only ones in the dining room except for 2 other people. Very slow and early for lunch. We sat at two tables. One table was served their food and finished it before the second table was even served. The waitress was sullen, obviously disgruntled to have to serve us and said they had received many rude comments. I could see why. My order was a Reuben with fries. The sandwich was so-so but the fries were unrecognizable. Very few whole fries, one end looked like a fry and the other end was black and shriveled. This was for the whole ones, the majority of fries were pieces of chips, broken and black. Won't go back again.

    • plains complainer says:

      is it me or does the people from Plains complain alot? you cant keep everyone happy. If you listened to half the people about decore, dust and cob webs, paint or the outside it wouldnt be called Heathers it be called Plains Montana whiners diner

  8. joslynnB says:

    Heather is my big sister and I am happy to see her excited about her restaurant again. The experience Robert gave her brought some light to her that had been missing for sometime. Plains is a VERY small town and her restaurant is one of the only sit down family places to eat. I laugh when I read the negative comments on here- everyone is a critic. People need to understand this show is done to give people the chance to make their business thrive. Heathers is a place to sit and enjoy- not rush. I am happy for my sister!!

  9. localfromplains says:

    We went to the restaurant the week after filming with great expectations. With a limited budget, the interior was transformed beautifully. Sadly, on Sunday at 2pm when we visited, lunch was not available. Breakfast only. We wanted the biscuits and gravy. Guess what, they were out. The pancakes were grainy, potatoes were cubed into one milimeter squares, cold and unmaneagable to fork to eat. The service was slow as expected, but no smiles were seen, no one asked how the meal was, offered refills AND we had to wait to get our bill to pay. To top it off, we overheard the staff and owner talking about not liking the menu changes and reverting back. Now when we drive by, the kids say yuck! It would have been great to have another option for dining out locally. Go back to the menu suggestions from Robert, please!

    • complainers says:

      open your own restaurant then you have nothing to complain about! yuck another complainer

      • localfromplains says:

        Seriously? Because I have expectations from a restaurant that just received the best professional help and they chose not to follow, your solution is for me to open a restaurant? I was sincerely rooting for this family, and, I hope they make some changes. Word of mouth means everything here. When we start hearing good reviews again, I will consider spending my money there again.

      • srenialpmoc says:

        start your own comment board if you don't like people with something to complain about! yuck another hypocrite

      • peggym says:

        It seemed more a reasoned comment than a random complaint.

    • sandi says:

      . Your kids would not say that unless Mom said it to them over and over. Have you ever made a mistake and no one would give you another chance.

      • HeatherW says:

        I am sorry for your bad experience! We are trying our best! We have kept most of the items Chef Robert created for us! It took us a little while to get our feet back on the ground after Restaurant Impossible left! It was a wonderful, yet overwhelming experience…..and obviously some people just don't understand that!

  10. Flathead Resident says:

    I don't know when this show was taped, but like everything new or the old trying to change……it all takes time! It takes a lot of effort from every single person working at Heather's to continue to make these changes each & every day from here on out. The work never ends, and each one of her employee's need to recognize that and to take their jobs seriously! Granted…..there are unfortunately…..people who haven't been taught good work ethics. But, they can be taught! And who in their right minds wouldn't want to eat fresh foods that have been prepared from a clean kitchen and then served in a clean, nicely decorated, and happy staffed atmosphere? I would, and one of these days this summer I plan on coming down to Plains from the Flathead and visit Heathers Country Kitchen!

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