QUIZ: How Well Do You Know the Judges of Chopped?

by in Shows, January 14th, 2014

Chopped judgesYou’ve seen them critique all kinds of dishes from competitors that have included professional chefs, amateur cooks and even celebrities. And you’ve seen them go from behind the Chopping Block to cooking front and center in All-Stars and the Web series After Hours. But how well do you know the judges of Chopped?

In a series of Q&As, FN Dish revealed several facts that viewers didn’t know about the judges (who didn’t have anything to hide). See how much you know about the judges from what you’ve seen on TV and what you’ve read here on the blog in the quiz below. Prove you’re a Chopped superfan! Continue to watch the competition every Tuesday at 10pm/9c, plus all-new online episodes of After Hours this month.

Test Your Knowledge: The Judges of Chopped

Think you know everything about the Chopped judges? Take this quiz to find out how well you know the panel of nine chefs.

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Comments (98)

  1. Maggie Anderson says:

    I love chopped and all its judges! I've been wondering: what happens to all the food that is left over or has been used by the contestants? I suspect that there are throngs of happy, well-fed stage hands on the set after each show!

    • Lynnie-poo says:

      I also wander if there is a food shelter or some place people can eat whats left over… I hate to think all that food is wasted also I feel they should post or say what happens to the food after the show..

  2. Jaycee says:

    I can't stand it when they complain about wanting a sauce or better presentation. These contestants go crazy just finishing the dish! Also, when its a Food Network celebrity competition, the baskets are MUCH easier.

  3. Kim Hammons Shiffman says:

    I eat meat everyday. Not an overabundment amount but some kind or another for dinner every night. I do respect the fact that an animal had to die for my enjoyment, but it seems like none of these cooking shows has that same respect. The judges take one bite and the rest is , I'm sure, thrown out. How disrespectful and wasteful. Also when they cook lobsters, they just start ripping them apart while they are still alive. Why is that necessary whennThey could very quickly cut the heads off to kill them instantly so they don't have to suffer. Humans are as bad as animals because humans have the means to be less cruel but choose not to be. I don't watch these types of shows anymore

  4. Grace G says:

    I feel like the Chopped judges just have one high and low of everyone's dish, it makes it feel too much like a script (fake). If the dish is perfect.. they say "There wasn't something to tie the dish together." :|

  5. Grace G says:

    I also think that the judges shouldn't watch the chefs make the food. They pick a favorite AND if something (a lid) falls on the floor they go all crazy and start watching to see if the chef uses it.

  6. Mari says:

    I love Chopped (with Ted Allen) and all the judges. I can't stand Chopped Canada. Dean is not believable or likeable, wish you would keep that series up in Canada and not show it here in the USA

    • Trudy says:

      I can't stand the Canada one either. Can't stand that idiot Dean

    • Andrea says:

      I totally agree! Love Ted Allen…he's engaging and brings a great vibe to chopped…I think Chopped Canada should chop Dean…in a word, he sucks…he's got the personality of a wet bag…and brings nothing to the show!

  7. PrettyNT says:

    I've been watching Chopped episodes on the iPad lately and I'm starting to think the judging are very inconsistent where on one hand they chop you because you were not creative with a basket item and on the other hand they say you won even though a basket item was not used creatively, inconsistency or favoritism?

  8. Ella says:

    I am an 11 year old vegetarian and I love Food Network and Chopped! The only problem I have with Chopped is that I've never seen them do a vegetarian special! They do all of these different kinds of specials– teen chef, celebrity chef, etc., but they never do anything vegetarian! This really annoys me and I hope that they change this issue.

  9. Ann says:

    Re: the Chopped quiz #10 – Hamburgers, I thought Amanda was a "closet vegetarian."

  10. cherie says:

    I LOVE chopped never miss watching it,I get a lot of great ideas from the show. I thinK it would be great to go state wide

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