QUIZ: How Well Do You Know the Judges of Chopped?

by in Shows, January 14th, 2014

Chopped judgesYou’ve seen them critique all kinds of dishes from competitors that have included professional chefs, amateur cooks and even celebrities. And you’ve seen them go from behind the Chopping Block to cooking front and center in All-Stars and the Web series After Hours. But how well do you know the judges of Chopped?

In a series of Q&As, FN Dish revealed several facts that viewers didn’t know about the judges (who didn’t have anything to hide). See how much you know about the judges from what you’ve seen on TV and what you’ve read here on the blog in the quiz below. Prove you’re a Chopped superfan! Continue to watch the competition every Tuesday at 10pm/9c, plus all-new online episodes of After Hours this month.

Test Your Knowledge: The Judges of Chopped

Think you know everything about the Chopped judges? Take this quiz to find out how well you know the panel of nine chefs.

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  1. I am in the States at the moment, so I've started watching the Food Channel. and I really enjoy that. My daughter is an actress. My son wanted to be a Chef just at the time when cooking was not 'looked down upon" but my American husband persuaded him away from that. Julia Child gave food preparation some respect, Martha Stewart made it seem great to be home and creative with housekeeping and cooking. I was so pleased with them both. When I came to the States in 1961 and mentioned that I had a cooking diploma from Copenhagen (night school, because I worked hard as a mother's helper during the day) people seemed to be unimpressed. I was a registered nurse, but before that I worked in the Danish Defense Minister's home in Copenhagen, I learned how to set the table for the various types of meals.I learned how to serve from the left and clear from the right, (although I was not a servant, however, when the Queen of Holland visited in 1953, I was thrilled to wear a little black dress and serve at the table, (I also helped to cook the meal for them), otherwise I sat at the table with the family every day. After that I returned to England to earn some money for my next sojourn, to Lyon, France. This family had their own cook. She was super, I learned a lot from her, even though I was busy with the children.
    When I married and had children I encouraged them to see what I was making, and allowed them to make cookies and little tarts. I told them a cook could be an artist and all the ingredients are like the different colour paints; it is up to you the artist to make them work well. So I am enchanted that my daughter has been on the 'chopped', and it appears that she has/had listened to the "stuff" I used to spout out while I cooked.

  2. I do not live in the States, I live in Mexico high up in the mountains. After an accident I flew back to CA to have a complete knee replacement. Everyday at the Physical Therapists we all watched "the Food show". Imagine my delight when we watched CHOPPED and my daughter was a contestant on that show and she won!!! She had not told me, she said she was too nervous and didn't want to raise my expectations. She's up for the Finale now and I'm so proud of her. So it goes to show all the stuff I told my children when they helped me cook, paid off. They actually listened and retained it. I hope I can find the show when I return to Mexico, it's really a lot of fun, and you learn too.

  3. Lost my email comment . .. but really enjoy the suspense and excitement of the show.

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