Keith Simpson Helps Clients Buy This Restaurant on an All-New Series

by in Shows, January 9th, 2014

Keith SimpsonWhen it comes to investing in a house, few things could be worse for buyers than making a rash or an uninformed decision on which property to turn into their dream home. It takes a professional real estate agent with experience in the market and the keen awareness of a family’s needs to ultimately help them decide on the best space for them. So when budding restaurateurs are in the market for a location to launch their brand-new business, they, too, turn to the master; and in the world of restaurant real estate, that title belongs to Keith Simpson.

On his all-new upcoming series, Buy This Restaurant, premiering Wednesday, Feb. 5, at 9pm/8c, a longtime real estate maven and former chef, Keith will work with aspiring restaurant owners to help them track down not just any available building but one ideal for their future business. Each week Keith will introduce three potential spaces to all-new clients and show off lifelike renderings of the would-be eateries. Thanks to his trained eye and years of experience in the industry, Keith will be able to see past the emptiness and mess of particular buildings, envision the possible improvements after construction and design updates, and ultimately guide the buyers as they make the best-possible purchase for themselves.

Don’t miss a sneak peek of the premiere of Buy This Restaurant on Monday, Feb. 3 at 10pm/9c before tuning in every Wednesday at 9pm/8c for brand-new episodes.

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Comments (18)

  1. Mark G says:

    I really like the concept of the show, I thought the information and stats for the start-ups were eye opening. We have always wanted to open a restaurant of our own, but are so fearful that so many are unsuccessful. I thought the host spelled it out quite well that you we would need to evaluate factors for success without deviating from your initial intentions. Making a balance between what you want and what will keep your family in shirts and shoes is a balancing act. Our friends changed their initial focus and passion to what would be enjoyable for them and would be successful. The host seems to be providing sound details and advice. I wish the show was longer, however, for a 30 min show, we enjoyed the buyers adventure.

  2. Brenda B. says:

    I really love this new show! I have always dreamed of owning a small cafe or bakery or even a local mostly take-out business that includes a cafe. This seems to be such a great way for prospective small restaurant owners to check out options they wouldn't have thought of. I appreciate Keith Simpson's charm as well as knowledge, he seems to give a very thorough explanation to his clients about the different options available to them while offering suggestions and pros and cons, but still allowing them to make the final decision on their own rather than trying to push or steer them in a certain direction. Can't wait to see more episodes, hope to seek out his advice for my own pursuits one day!

  3. Dan Collins says:

    How do I get Keith to work for me finding a restaurant? No one here in Tucson, AZ cares or knows what they are doing. Been trying to find a place for our new restaurant for 2 years with no luck. We have everything in place and ready except for the location. Our business model is unique and unlike anything else out there.

  4. Bob Maro says:

    I live in the poconos have a restaurant in mind. looking for help. how do we make contact? Thank You In Advance

  5. Patty Ingram says:

    I am currently in the market to buy a restaurant in the Sacramento or surrounding area. My LLC is set up and i am ready to purchase something between 50-150K. Please contact me as I would love to be on the show and get started!!

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