How to Shop Smarter at the Supermarket

by in How-to, January 7th, 2014

How to Shop Smarter at the SupermarketNot all grocery store deals are created equal. Some specials are even traps that you might not be aware of. Save money when you’re at the supermarket with these top tips.

1. Be wary of specials and deals. The pricing and signage of deals like “99 cents” makes shoppers believe they are getting a deal even when they’re not. Always check the price of single items to confirm they are in fact deals (like two for $5) before you add them to your shopping cart.

2. Skip the samples. Snacking while shopping tells your brain it’s time to eat, which may cause impulse buying. Similarly, heading to the store on an empty stomach might make you more likely to pick up items you otherwise would have left on the shelves.

3. Plan ahead. Americans toss out 40 percent of their food, which means that a large part of your food budget might be going to waste. To cut back on these losses, write up a realistic shopping list and stick to it.

4. Recognize extra-large shopping carts. You don’t need to fill your cart to the brim. Even though there’s room for it, buying more than you need can result in a higher bill and more weekly waste.

5. Go beyond eye level. Be aware that pricier options are often stocked on shelves within sight, since they’re the brands that can afford the prime spots. Look at labels on higher and lower shelves to ensure you’re getting the best deal.

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