Guy’s Grocery Games Wants Your Ideas for Next Season

by in Shows, January 17th, 2014

Guy Fieri and chefsWhile watching the Season 1 finale of Guy’s Grocery Games this Sunday at 8pm/7c, you know to expect some of the craziest challenges. When Guy sends the contestants out to shop for their ingredients, he pretty much springs anything on them, whether it’s a challenge that requires them to cook only with frozen ingredients or a shopping trip where they must gather everything without using carts.

This season’s challenges have included Can Can, Out of Stock, 5 Items or Less, Grocery List, Budget Battle, Frozen Food Feud, Single-Aisle Showdown, Bag Swap, Closing Time and No Carts Allowed. But for the coming season, Food Network wants to hear your ideas. Fans of Triple G, do you have any crazy shopping challenges that you’ve thought of while watching the show? Your idea might just make it into the new season.

Food Network would love to hear what ideas you’ve had while tuning in to the show. Share your ideas now in the comments below. Come up with a new game for Guy’s Grocery Games and you might just see Guy announcing it the next time you’re watching.

Get a preview of the final episode of Season 1 below:

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Comments (47)

  1. Lin from NJ says:

    I really love some of these ideas! I absolutely love this show….I'm a Guy fan anyway, and he is really great with this show. I would like to suggest an all vegetarian show or at least a vegetarian challenge. Maybe a vegetarian challenge AND a vegan challenge! That would be interesting right? I'm a vegetarian so I would really be interested in seeing how they would handle it.

  2. Brian says:

    A vegetarian Challenge , using only 5 ingredients from a can.

    Have a special themed Game. Example: Hockey, Christmas, Halloween, etc.

    Best burger Challenge: Make a gourmet burger out of Veggie Burgers that contestants make (the burgers) from scratch.

  3. Robert says:

    Make them have to get ALL of their cooking gear from the store. Knives, Spiders, cooking spoons etc…

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