Guy’s Grocery Games Wants Your Ideas for Next Season

by in Shows, January 17th, 2014

Guy Fieri and chefsWhile watching the Season 1 finale of Guy’s Grocery Games this Sunday at 8pm/7c, you know to expect some of the craziest challenges. When Guy sends the contestants out to shop for their ingredients, he pretty much springs anything on them, whether it’s a challenge that requires them to cook only with frozen ingredients or a shopping trip where they must gather everything without using carts.

This season’s challenges have included Can Can, Out of Stock, 5 Items or Less, Grocery List, Budget Battle, Frozen Food Feud, Single-Aisle Showdown, Bag Swap, Closing Time and No Carts Allowed. But for the coming season, Food Network wants to hear your ideas. Fans of Triple G, do you have any crazy shopping challenges that you’ve thought of while watching the show? Your idea might just make it into the new season.

Food Network would love to hear what ideas you’ve had while tuning in to the show. Share your ideas now in the comments below. Come up with a new game for Guy’s Grocery Games and you might just see Guy announcing it the next time you’re watching.

Get a preview of the final episode of Season 1 below:

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Comments (72)

  1. Robyn says:

    I noticed that I'm the Flavortown market you guys have the Food Network magazine. Wat if you had each chef grab an issue and they have to make a recipe in it, or their own spin on the recipe. And maybe add a budget to what they can buy for it.

  2. It's because of the "old school" way of thinking like this that is keeping our nation sick. If only the media would pick up on the most healthful way to eat.

  3. jennkellermeyer says:

    ive got a great idea! every time I watch this show, I always look at my mom and tell her "they should do a challenge where the chefs an only use ingredients that start with certain letters". my mom agrees. This would be a hard task but it could be done! hope this makes it in! thank you :) – Jenna Kellermeyer

  4. MaBell says:

    how about making them create a meal where the protein is the parts of the animal not commonly part of the american diet. Pig snout, Ox tails, Chicken feet, pig ears… Or having them take this type of meal from another culture and have to remake it their own.

  5. Mike Farris says:

    Somewhat similar to another post, but I call my idea "Mystery Meat!"

    Chefs are given a challenge (best dish, comfort food, five star meal etc) and then allowed to shop. But, after shopping, all proteins are confiscated and Guy spins the wheel to determine protein all contestants must use as star of their dish.

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