Alton’s Dream Cutthroat Kitchen Sabotages Revealed

by in Food Network Chef, Shows, January 29th, 2014

Alton's Dream Cutthroat Kitchen Sabotages RevealedLet’s set the scene: utensils made from aluminum, no salt, missing ingredients and an evilicious grin to top it off. These are all the ingredients that make up Cutthroat Kitchen. Every Sunday night, Alton dishes out sabotages that can trip up even the best of chefs — but here’s the kicker: Alton truly enjoys watching the chefs distribute and overcome the obstacles that are thrown at them.

“I love seeing people play the game, so anything that accentuates that, I’m a fan of. I grew up loving game shows,” Alton recently told FN Dish on the set of his show. “The auctioning segments are my favorite part — I enjoy the strategies used by the chefs,” he continued saying.

So what’s Alton’s dream sabotage? “When it comes to the sabotages, I can envision episodes that take place off set, like outside challenges. Though I don’t necessarily think that bigger is always better,” Alton said. “For instance, I would love to do a show where the sabotages aren’t decided until after the chefs have shopped. Where we’re changing the game as the game goes along. Or another idea I like would be to give them more options: Which would you rather face? Why not give them the opportunity to choose the paths that they would take, like on an obstacle course?”

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  1. Brian says:

    I thought of a great sabotage inspired by Halloween but useable any time. Chef must use a pumpkin as their only mixing "bowl". But–you guessed it–in order to use it they must, of course, cut it open and hollow it out. Remove all the seeds and slimy pulpy gunk. And if the dish isn't supposed to have a pumpkin taste, so much the better Bwa-ha!

  2. JACK says:

    How about this for a sabotage in the first round? The chiefs must make a dish where milk is the main ingredient; and you guessed it, on the first round of auction, the winner can confiscate each opponents entire milk, for a 16 or 32 ounce bottle of milk substitute. The winner cannot pick the bottles, but chooses who will pick first, second and last. The bottles can all one colored or each multicolored; however, they cannot be clear or see thru. And by the way, you will not know what's in your bottle until you pick it up and read the label that's placed on the bottom of the bottle. Imagine, if you will, the following milk substitutes. (Chocolate, Butter, Goats, Powdered, Soy, Coconut, Condensed.) Hey, Don't Have A Cow, Man !!!!

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