14 Things You Didn’t Know About Alton Brown

by in Food Network Chef, Shows, January 14th, 2014

10 Things You Didn't Know About Alton BrownMost fans believe Alton Brown‘s a walking food dictionary (and he is). He’s the ultimate commentator on Iron Chef America, he’s a mentor and judge on Food Network Star and no one will ever forget Good Eats. But there’s still so much to learn about this pillar of Food Network. FN Dish caught up with Alton on the set of his newest show, Cutthroat Kitchen, where he chatted about survival techniques for future competitors and even a couple things you may not know about the man who so many admire and look up to.

1. When Alton was younger, he always thought he would end up directing movies, which is what he trained for. “Only I got sidestepped into commercials for a long time.”

2. Alton spends a lot of time flying airplanes.

3. Alton plays multiple instruments including the guitar. “I always travel with a guitar when I’m on the road.” He also sings with his trio on his live tour.

4. Going along with music: Alton almost always listens to music while he cooks. The playlist depends on the day. “I’m anywhere from opera to Led Zeppelin — and everywhere in between. My daughter is 14 and listens to a lot of pop stuff, so I tend to gravitate way, far away from whatever she’s listening to. I have music on in the kitchen all the time. The last 10 things I cooked were probably to mid-’70s Elton John,” Alton shared with FN Dish.

5. Alton is terrified of calf’s liver. “I’ve tried it and I can’t make it edible. I don’t like anyone else’s either — and mine is just worse,” Alton adds.

6. “While I like eating artichokes, I hate cooking them. It’s so much work. Who decided we should even eat that?”

7. “I love watches, though my collection is small.”

8. Alton has a lot of glasses. “When you have to wear them every day, you tend to switch them up.”

9. Alton’s bow tie collection: “I have 200 bow ties at home. I inherited most of them. When an art school professor retired, he sent me his collection, which was 145 bow ties that he collected over a 30-year period.”

10. What’s the most-memorable item Alton’s received from a fan? “Just last year someone gave me a homemade ceramic dog treat jar made to look like my corgi, Sparky. And darn if it doesn’t look just like him.”

11. “I’m addicted to canned sardines,” Alton admits.

12. When Alton was a kid, he wanted to be Jacques Cousteau.

13. “I would ride a motorcycle every day if I could.”

14. Alton has over 2,000 cookbooks in the library at his office.

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Comments (67)

  1. Trace says:

    I believe Alton has been a Christian for many years. The Christians I know who are living out their faith are very kind and usually a blessing to be around. I am not sure what has made you think Christians are on a hate spree. It seems that everyone in the world has the untouchable right to share their thoughts and opinions on any and everything except Christian believers.

  2. maryk747 says:

    I love Alton Brown, he is my Favorite FN host, however, I'm sorry to say I hate his new show, Cutthroat kitchen.There's nothing to be learned or gained from it except how to "screw" your competition. I watch FN to learn about cooking and learn from the skills of the hosts, this show does none of the above. I have also gotten feedback from other family/friends who feel the same way. Soryy, I love ya Alton and all your other shows, I've learned more from you than any other FN star, but CK….A big -0-

    • Viree says:

      I think you have to have a good fun sense of humor… those contestants know what they are getting into… can't be a poor sport if you want that money….

    • smartypants says:

      It's based on a thing called "fun". I'm sure you could read all about what that's like if you wanted to, but it doesn't sound like your kind of thing. Better just stick to what you know.

  3. maryk747 says:

    I didnt know Alton was a Christian but I love knowing that about him. No Christans I know go on hate-sprees, what are you talking about??/

  4. Dana says:

    I'm sorry to say that the people you are talking about are not true Christians , spreading hate is the opposite of what a true Christian is all about!!!!

  5. Judy Saylor Buzis says:

    Could not ever get brown rice correct until Alton showed the oven method. I went from there, it's a thumbs up.

  6. Mary Ann says:

    I agree with you on the liver. I ate some once thinking it was chicken fried steak and I got so sick which is what happens when I know I am eating it. So I don't ever eat it and I never well.

  7. Joe says:

    What I would like to see is Cutthroat Kitchen played with chefs from Iron Chef America that would be an amazing show .. oh judged by the Chairman of course

  8. Angela Duncan says:

    Alton, Good Eats is a great show and I've learned so much about food from you. Thank you. But, I
    I don't like CUTTHROAT KITCHEN, this world is full of mean people and the Food Network is a
    good place! Children from 7 on up look up to you and mt grandson is going to be a chef because of this
    channels encouragement. I'll give you a new show for free! JOKES TO COOK YOUR WAY TO $$$
    Make it fun, don't be mean to each other, please! Chef's have become Idols, do you want children to
    copy your actions?? Please change that show to a good thing, Jokes are fun, not meanness. thank you angdee

  9. Some of those facts were really interesting and I would have never guessed half of them. A cool idea for an upcoming show would be if one of the players had to add artichoke to their dish… Or maybe two of them had to share a stovetop or a oven.

  10. maryk747 says:

    Once again, Alton. I love you and all your shows EXCEPT CUTTHROAT KITCHEN!!! Whenever it comnes on, I turn the channel. There's just nothing to be gained by watching it!! And its not entertaining: people seeing how meanly they can treat a fellow competitor??? Sorry, but I'm hoping it gets "Chopped". Then I can enjoy more of your successful shows!.

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