10 Things You Didn’t Know About Rachael Ray

by in Food Network Chef, January 2nd, 2014

10 Things You Didn't Know About Rachael RayShe dishes up great gossip on her daytime talk show, and even better food on TV and in her new cookbook, Week in a Day, but there’s still lots you don’t know about this Food Network megastar. Get the inside scoop on fun facts she shared during her Grand Tasting demo at the New York City Wine & Food Festival.

1. She’s a burger fanatic. “Meat for dinner is my favorite. I’m a burger-obsessed person. I love burger night — I love ground meat of any kind!” she says.

2. She loves a man who cleans. The way to her heart isn’t through food — it’s through washing dishes. “A man in the kitchen is very sexy,” she says. “Gentlemen: Get your butt behind the sink and you will be dessert!”

3. She’s very picky about eggs. Although eating on a budget is important to her, eggs are “one of those grocery items worth paying a premium for,” she says. She prefers Araucana (a South American breed of chicken that produces small, bluish-green eggs), though she recommends any type of cage-free egg from a small farm.

4. She doesn’t like fancy kitchen tools. “I’m not a big gadget person,” she says. In fact, her top kitchen staple is a large cutting board, which she lays over her sink to create extra counter space. Other picks: her Vitamix, an immersion blender and a Microplane — which is particularly “brilliant” in her book.

5. She wears makeup only for work. She’s all makeup and blown-out hair for the cameras, but it’s a different story at home. “The second I’m inside my front door, I wash my face and put my hair in a ponytail. My entire wardrobe consists of flannel pajamas and [New York] Jets slippers,” she says.

6. She has a thing for old-school celebs. Her first (and biggest) celebrity crush was Tom Jones. Talk about a dream come true: She had the chance to meet — and feed — him on The Rachael Ray Show. “I really love feeding people that I’d never think in a million years I’d get to meet,” she says.

7. She’s a dark-meat person. She’d take bone-in, skin-on chicken thighs over chicken breast any day. “I prefer it because you can’t screw it up,” she says. “It’s always affordable and always tasty.”

8. She’s a commitment person. When asked, she keeps her relationship advice short, simple and to the point: “Once you go through all four seasons together, you gotta put a ring on it!” she says with a laugh.

9. She designs for small spaces. Living in Manhattan for years taught her to get savvy about space — something that continues to inform her design choices. She designed her oval-shaped baking sets with cramped quarters in mind. “You can turn [the sister set of pans] sideways and they’ll both fit in your oven,” she says. “I did that because I’ve always had small kitchens.”

10. She’d pick family over fame any day. When asked about her ultimate dinner guests, she nixed Hollywood actors and famous musicians. In fact, one of them wouldn’t even be human: She’d love to have dinner with her first dog, Boo, and her grandfather. “If there is a heaven, that’s who I’d be partying with,” she says. “My grandpa would want spaghetti with a lot of sardines or anchovies and Boo would want butternut squash.”

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Comments (28)

  1. geri logic says:

    Rachael so proud of you!! You are always trying to show how important to keep tradition alive.Once that's gone there is not much left food keeps all mtemories in the now. Thanks for sharing your memories.Sincerely geri logic Keep. Being you!!!!! Your the real deal!!!!!!!!!

  2. M J says:

    As a Kosher Jew Judy would have been justified to refuse to work with pork and shrimp. I found Rachel's request offensive and disrespectful would she have treated a Muslim the same way?

    • Gerideen says:

      Yes, she would treat any religious and ethnic person that way. Even people who aren't a Kosher Jew or even Jewish know about pork, shrimp and dairy.

  3. Ruthann says:

    I don't watch you much, anymore, at first I loved watching the little girl cook, then I started getting migraines, took a whole slue of medical persons to figure out why….it was your constant moving of the hands..!…who knew ? now I watch a lady who does not do all that pointing…..go INA>>>>

    • Chrystal says:

      Ina Garten is a jerk of the first order! Not long ago, a little boy told the Make a Wish Foundation that his DYING WISH would be to cook a meal with Ina Garten. She REFUSED citing the fact that she had a BOOK TOUR coming up at that particular time!! After the press got hold of that little tidbit and plastered the story everywhere, she then (and ONLY then) contacted that same little boy and told him she wanted to cook with him. He REFUSED her and spent that time playing ball with his favorite baseball team…GO KID!!

      • sherry says:

        I disagree, we cant be everything to everybody.
        im sure the kid worked it it…playing baseball with his favorite team.

  4. kukusabzi says:

    Seems kind of funny that someone who claims to be gadget-averse would be selling so many with her name on them. Yes, Rach would choose family over fame any day. Just as long as that day isn't her auntie's funeral. Gotta tape, after all.

    • Gerideen says:

      Most of her gadgets don't even work after a few uses.

      I would go to my relatives funeral over any kind of work committment, people understand.

    • Java says:

      for ever more, its business, that's why she is endorsing things. Doesn't have to use them, just has her name on them. Its $$$$$$

      • Glenda says:

        Just like Paula Dean..she doesn't use the cookware that she selsl everywhere. ..We now know Paula likes to Ride her men..the men on all fours on the floor and Paula on top..Must be a tradition in the Dean household. Paua seems right at home in the world of Vulgarity and Men..

        • Jo Torrey says:

          Rachel and Ina, oh yes. I also like Anne Burrell. She's a bit of a flake but still fun to watch. Not a real fan of Guy, big fan of Iron Chefs: Michael Simon, Bobby Flay, and Morimoto are particular favorites. Alex G, Geoffrey Z, Chopped and the special series of Chopped folks.

          Rachel is full of vim, vigor and vitality. Ina is not a fireball, which is good. Giada has good recipes I guess but she is really the high end of chef-dom and can be very condescending. She is beautiful, and a nice figure. I just wish she'd wear her dresses a tad longer.

          Not a fan of Ree, love Demaris, get tired of Paula's Southern drawl and y'all every other word. Love Trisha.

          LOVE the Cooking Network.

  5. LilyM says:

    I like Rachel and Ina, they have their own style of cooking and each have shared tips for kitchen. I think that Rachel is the Butterfly, always on the move and Ina is more like a Hummingbird, concentrating and has that laid back approach in the kitchen. There are several TV cooks and chefs that I watch and enjoy. It all depends on what I'm in the mood for, do I want it quick and snappy or more calm and quiet. I enjoy all kinds of foods and also cooking them. I use my remote to change the channel when I find something I don't enjoy….a few clicks and I'm in a new kitchen!

  6. Kathay says:

    The second Rachel Ray OR Paula Dean comes on the TV set, I change to another channel. Cannot stand either one of those phonies. Wish they would both just GO AWAY and STAY AWAY.

    • Dotty says:

      I myself love both of them! I do not think either one is phony! If you feel that way you should turn the channel

  7. Patti says:

    Love the no grain Nutrish for my dog. Rachael, now if you.could come up with ALL ingredients made in the USA We would be EXTRA happy !
    I buy treats made only in the USA but have now found , that doesn't mean that the ingredients also came from the USA. I think you'd have a winner here for the recuses that you so graciously remembered as you market the dog food for our pets & on behalf of the others waiting for a forever home. The price would be worth it. Oh, & easy on the salt :) my dog has heart issues.
    Thank you!
    You go girl ! Good luck in all your endeavors !

  8. Tony Bidwell says:

    I'll tell you people this: I have a friend named Rachel (w/o the 2nd A) who I told about Rachael Ray & she said "Oh my God! I can't stand her, Tony!"

  9. Liz Mangold says:

    Some of these comments are so negative, if you don't like what you see, just change the channel!

  10. LYN KLONARIS says:


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