Giada’s Guide to Edible Gift-Giving

by in Food Network Chef, Holidays, December 16th, 2013

Whether it’s a small family gathering, an open-house cocktail party or a dressed-up sit-down dinner, entertaining during the holiday season can be daunting for even the most-prepared host. That’s why it’s often a good idea to surprise the party-thrower with a small gift as a token of appreciation for his or her hospitality and generosity. Some resort to bringing candles, picture frames or other household trinkets, but deciding what matches the host’s style and taste can be tricky, which is why Giada opts for edible gifts.

Giada recently shared a few go-to edible gift ideas that are sure to impress your hosts this holiday, as they include some of her favorite seasonal recipes. Instead of elaborate dishes that might take up valuable refrigerator or oven space at the host’s home, Giada prepares simple cookies and cocktails that are both easy to transport and simple to store once given. The key to her gifts is in the packaging: She makes the goodies extra-special by stashing them in see-through containers and adorning them with colorful bows.

Want to find out more about Giada’s gift solutions? Click the play button on the video above to hear from Giada and see her gift-wrapping in action. And if you’re playing the host this year, check out Giada’s last-minute party tips to find her must-know solutions for stress-free entertaining.

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  1. Merle Comninos says:

    Pathetic that video cannot be found! Dont advertise it then.

  2. shahi says:

    Hey maria,
    I just open your blog to watch video of edible gift giving but there is no video found. I think u must check out for video.

  3. Carol says:

    Giada is an interesting and classy chef, but wish she would wear a camisole under her T shirrts, so her cleavage doesn't "take away" from her talent with food.

  4. Wife of Danny says:

    my hubby and I have a special relationship with Giada since 2012 in California when we visited there on vacation and we heard she would be out and about in town shopping so we spent a few hours searching for her and finally ran into her at a local farmers market and we simply parked near her little sports car she drives and we went at it se xually!! I started su cking Danny's cock and after he ate my dripping wet Filipina pu ssy we started fu cking reverse cowgirl style and as Giada approached our car she immediately realized we were fu cking so she slowed down and opened her passenger door to put her groceries in her car and she slowly walked around the front of her car which gave her a perfect view of my perky ti ts jumping as Danny fu cked me deep! then she got into her car and Danny was so excited he was ready to c um so I slipped my wet juicy pu ssy of his co ck an sucked his c um down my throat as Giada sat there acting like she was getting her things ready to drive off and she would stare awhile and flip her hair OMG it made me cum again just swallowing dannys c um as she watched us!!!

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