Restaurant Revisited: Unfixable Family at Mike La Susa’s Italian Restaurant

by in Shows, December 4th, 2013

Restaurant: ImpossibleIt didn’t take long for Robert Irvine to realize he was facing two missions at Mike La Susa’s Italian Restaurant in Oak Creek, Wis. Not only was he to overhaul the decor and reinvent the menu, but he also had to contend with the family, owners Patrick and Mary, plus their son, Mike. This trio was barely able to communicate with each other when Robert arrived, and it was up to him to attempt to see to the root of their problems while working with his Restaurant: Impossible team to transform the failing eatery into a welcoming, comfortable space. With a budget of only $10,000 and just two days to institute changes, Robert ultimately reopened Mike La Susa’s to a crowd of customers. Read on below for an exclusive update on how the restaurant is doing today.

Mike is enjoying the updated menu, although business has struggled a bit since the transformation, as the changes in the list of offerings have been difficult for longtime customers to accept. He’s still the main cook, and he is planning to eventually add some of the original dishes back to the menu.

Mike’s working with an accountant in the hopes of eventually taking over the financials of the restaurant from Mary and Patrick, who’s decreased the amount of time he works at Mike La Susa’s. Mike is grateful that this experience allowed him to talk openly with his family.

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Comments (776)

  1. deb says:

    mary has no joy and her love is conditional. but mike… now the world loves you, keep the passion

  2. Joyce says:

    Thanks dad for stepping aside and giving your son a chance to succeed. Mom needs to give him the same chance. If mom and dad have to manage finances for a month or two, manage it from home. Your son is more than capable and can learn finances better from an accountant. I wish him the best!

  3. TERRY says:


    • Kris says:

      Mike fired the cook, Jessica, who held the restaurant together while Mike was off "losing his passion"… he is nothing like they made him look…and actually neither are his parents…they are sweet and generous…reality TV my ass!

      • Marc says:

        I don't know any of these people but having dealt with a kid who seems to have no passion for anything at all, no drive to become successful throughout his entire adult life and never holding a steady job long enough to move out of the house and stop mooching off the parents, by the end of the episode I had Mike pegged. He's the type that says what you want to hear but never follows through. And his parents, after giving him $750K for something that he was so passionate about probably saw this as a way to finally make him successful at somethgin to get him out of the house and on his own, and he pissed it all away. I know exactly where Mary is coming from and until you are in that position you hae no idea what those parents have been through with dear little Mikey.

  4. Mary is a horrible human being. Mike can do it if he gets far far away from them

  5. Moe says:

    Give that Old Bag something to do. Like pick up supplies, she could shuttle back and forth on her broom!

  6. Dee Bruyette says:

    I rootin for Mike all the way. I have never seen such terrable parents. Its obvious he loves them but I cant see how. They degrade him on public television. If im ever in Wisconsin I will go to his place. Parents are supposed to act like adults not two year olds. Id tell them where to put all their money go somewhere else and take that helper that gave him the big hug with him. She believes in him.

  7. max says:

    Mike's parents are holding over his head the fact that they gave him the money and pitiful the way they are always telling him he can't do it. With parents like that you don't need enemies Sad. Keep going, ignore your mother and pay them back in record time. You can do it Mike!

  8. OCSloth says:

    We actually enjoyed the restaurant as a whole more prior to the changes. Somehow our 3 favorite items were removed. Biggest issue was and continues to be location. Robert clearly overstated the condition of the food pre-change … while maybe not great … it played well to the area and price point. Narrowing the menu and raising prices … might be a problem … hopefully Mike revisits. We wish them the best.

    • Tom says:

      Good Lord, is this Mary… branch out and try something new

      • OCSloth says:

        Unfortunately we will be at a different restaurant …. for all it's flaws … and the mom lurking around being about the biggest … it was still better pre-show.

    • Natalie says:

      So I guess you'd rather eat mediocre, cheap food, than pay a little more for quality, really tasty food? *eyeroll*

      • guest says:

        But the new food sucks! We ate their after the changes and our lasagna was dry, burnt and flavorless. We tried ordering some garlic bread to eat along with our sad lonely entree and were told they didn't have it. An italian restaurant with no garlic bread? 14 bucks for a square of burnt lasagna and nothing alongside of it? Mike's will fail. EYEROLL!

        • lpc says:

          garlic bread is on the menu. So they might have been out of it. Im not really buying your comment. SInce lasagna is 13 bucks. Maybe you should look at the menu online first. So you can at least have your facts sorta right.

  9. Julieta says:

    Honestly Mike, you have nothing to show ti anybody. Do it for you man!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only then, all the good things you have been deserving will fit in place. Forget ANY NEGATIVE comment and move on.

  10. Gail says:

    Truly Mike gave up until RI came in. Mike can't fight a brick wall (his mother) and he can't make things right with a father that runs away when the going gets tough. Our prayers are with you Mike. After your and I mean "your" place makes it, send your parents on a nice very long trip so you can have a vacation from insults.

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