Restaurant Revisited: Unfixable Family at Mike La Susa’s Italian Restaurant

by in Shows, December 4th, 2013

Restaurant: ImpossibleIt didn’t take long for Robert Irvine to realize he was facing two missions at Mike La Susa’s Italian Restaurant in Oak Creek, Wis. Not only was he to overhaul the decor and reinvent the menu, but he also had to contend with the family, owners Patrick and Mary, plus their son, Mike. This trio was barely able to communicate with each other when Robert arrived, and it was up to him to attempt to see to the root of their problems while working with his Restaurant: Impossible team to transform the failing eatery into a welcoming, comfortable space. With a budget of only $10,000 and just two days to institute changes, Robert ultimately reopened Mike La Susa’s to a crowd of customers. Read on below for an exclusive update on how the restaurant is doing today.

Mike is enjoying the updated menu, although business has struggled a bit since the transformation, as the changes in the list of offerings have been difficult for longtime customers to accept. He’s still the main cook, and he is planning to eventually add some of the original dishes back to the menu.

Mike’s working with an accountant in the hopes of eventually taking over the financials of the restaurant from Mary and Patrick, who’s decreased the amount of time he works at Mike La Susa’s. Mike is grateful that this experience allowed him to talk openly with his family.

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Comments (776)

  1. Sdvalentine says:

    Mother's love seems to be conditional in this case. I would take out a loan and blow her off.

  2. lindalou says:

    Mom sure is a piece of work. She is one of the most negative people I've ever seen. They didn't want him to succeed. I'll bet mom was a holy terror at her office. Bet she tells Pat "how to do it and what he's doing wrong".

  3. Kona girl says:

    Poor guy. He certainly has the opportunity to prove to his parents he can and will make it work. Time to cut he apron strings and take charge regardless of the money they threw at this venture. It was their choice to support their son. They need to step back and trust him not create obstacles or roadblocks. All of them have got issues…..especially mom. Very negative and emotionally abusive. You could just see it in their son's demeanor.

  4. Guest says:

    It appears to me the public has more confidence in the son, Then the parents do! As for the father let him walk away, he should have taken the mother with. Her attitude would ruin any business. I for one, am from Wisconsin, and would go there to give the son support, and to prove the parents wrong. People like that shouldn't be able to breed!!

  5. Southern sister says:

    Mary… You are a see you next Tuesday!!! Dad…you made a fool of yourself on tv. Make some Wisconsin comfort foods and call it a day. I am ashamed to say I was born and raised in WI after seeing that show. I live in the south now where parents support their children and their dreams. Mike good luck!

    • English says:

      Finally – somebody who had the exact same phrase running through their head about that horrid, horrid woman! :-)

    • Guest says:

      Living in Wisconsin has nothing to do with the issues with this family and restaurant. There are parents in every state who support their children and their dreams. And, there are parents in every state who do not support their children.

  6. Guest says:

    Things I will not do to my 4 month old child. Thank you Mary I needed that reminder.

    All the money in world can't make your son happy. Some encouragement and dare I say 'love' could really go along way. Nothing worse then being given something you can't repay and that person(s) holding it over you. To a friend, an acquaintance, a neighbor, maybe, but your son? Come on.

    Note: Most Wisconsin people are a heck of a lot nicer then that.

  7. max says:

    What petty and childish excuses for parent. People wonder why kids end up so screwed up these days? It's parents like that who constantly tear their kids down or walk out on them.

  8. Terry says:

    These parents seem remarkably inexperienced in finding a way to say anything positive to or about their son. They could compliment and embrace the restaurant redesign team but not their own child. The solution to these problems requires a couch not a kitchen

  9. RI-rocks says:

    People never cease to amaze me. I get that any tv show makes edits to build the show, but his parents were so rude and condescending, I'm sure they couldn't edit out enough to make them look even the slightest bit nice. Her last words were 'well, we'll see'. And she says 'People like me'. If they did before (which I highly doubt) I'm pretty sure they don't now! I saw on FNGossip that there are more bad reviews now. I think that's a shame. If that restaurant was so many people's favorite place, or a 'hidden gem', then why was it losing money? Clearly not enough people felt the same way. Instead of complaining, why not try something new? Nope, per usual people prefer to write bad reviews and just say 'I hope they make it'. How nice of you. This was one restaurant where it seemed like all the employees truly liked where they worked and all got along. They were all really trying and wanted to make it work. I truly hope business picks up for them, seems like a legit restaurant.

    • RI-rocks says:

      Oh, and how awkward was that moment with her, Tom, Lynn, and Robert?! "So we get our restaurant back now?". Nevermind they just spent $10k renovating YOUR restaurant in two days. Yeah lady, unfortunately you get it back. Tom's face was classic, haha.

    • Sully says:

      The restaurant has been my favorite date place since it opened! The Italian nachos that they talked about in the show are amazing and I hope he finds a way to keep them. It is out of the way on the lake but I love it and will drive to get there any time.
      P.S. Mary seams overbearing and unsupportive on the show, but in real life she was very. She insisted I take home the leftovers every time!

  10. Shary says:

    lived in Oak Creek area for almost ten years. His mom remind me why I left and will never go back.
    My heart goes out to Mike. Hope he can somehow get those terrible people away from a good restaurant before they ruin it….and Mike again. Hang in there mike !

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