Watch the Top 5 Design Updates on Restaurant: Impossible

by in Shows, December 30th, 2013

While much of Robert Irvine‘s Restaurant: Impossible mission involves him overhauling the menu and bettering the interpersonal relationships among business owners and staff, time and time again one of the most-striking elements of his transformations proves to be the all-new decor of the restaurants. From fresh coats of paint and hand-laid flooring to knocked-down walls, custom artwork, signature signs and improved lighting, Robert and his design team will take on almost anything when it comes to updating the interior of restaurants, and they’re committed to working within their budget to giving eateries the best look and feel within their space.

Since owners are often sequestered from the transformations taking placing inside their restaurant, most are simply overwhelmed with surprise and emotion when Robert reveals their brand-new business. Tears, hugs, wide eyes and dropped jaws are just a few of the reactions Robert has witnessed when they’re finally able to see their revitalized restaurant for the first time.

Click the play button on the video above to watch the top-five design updates ever featured on Restaurant: Impossible, then catch up on more of the video mashups from the show, like the dirtiest restaurants, most-stubborn owners and best sledgehammer moments.

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Comments (47)

  1. Shelley says:

    I agree with everyone…the website needs an update! I did find it through google search (thanks kdjones 44) It seems like Food Network is going downhill fast on not only the website issues but their shows! Need to revamp and fast!

  2. jen says:

    Where are the updates after Robert leaves?

  3. msgbap says:

    What a lousy way to get people to your website. Where are the updates? It is impossible to work around this website.

  4. Cami says:

    I was most impressed with Robert's work at the Funky Monkey in WA; it was awesome transformation!

  5. judy casady says:

    Agree fully with the other comments, tried to find the updates, just found this page by luck.

  6. Diane Winters says:

    I really miss the updates at the end of the shows, I never can fine the updates! The show feels like there's something not finished, without the updates.

  7. Therese Manthey says:

    Can you spell updates? We want them but can't find them and I may stop watching because of it!!!

  8. Kay says:

    I agree with the person complaining about this site but also about the channel itself. Years ago you showed chefs not just contests. HGTV is the same – no more real designers just contests. If I'm not in the contest I don't care – but I do care about food and design!

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