Hand Masher Gone Wrong and Indoor Campfires — Alton’s After-Show

by in Shows, December 22nd, 2013

For the first time this season, Antonia Lofaso took her turn judging four competitors in the latest round of evilicious contest on Cutthroat Kitchen, and because no judge is privy to the bidding for sabotages and cooking, she joined Alton Brown on his After-Show to learn what had gone down.

The chefs had to create gnocchi during Round 1 of the competition; though a hand masher may have been an appropriate tool for the job, it became an obstacle for Chef Gentile when he was forced to have it duct taped to his arm for the duration of the round. “He was looking for garnish that was going to build a dish,” Antonia told Alton, realizing that this impediment is what prevented Chef Gentile from breaking down ingredients and cooking with more precision.

Having been gifted a campfire stove in Round 2’s duck a l’orange challenge, Chef Tzorin was tasked with cooking all components of his dish in a miniature skillet over a small open flame. Although this sabotage likely didn’t help Chef Tzorin avoid eventual elimination in that round, it may not have been what ultimately did him in, according to Antonia. “Choosing papaya and bell peppers and potatoes — these are just not the vision I have when you see duck a l’orange. So I’m going to say he may not have realized what the dish looks like or, like, classically what it’s about,” Antonia noted of Chef Tzorin. “That was also just the worst duck,” Alton told her, further justifying her decision to send home Chef Tzorin in Round 2.

Click the play button on the video above to hear more from Antonia and Alton, and learn their reactions to the sabotages that befell the two remaining chefs in Round 3’s ice-cream sandwich contest.

Tune in to an all-new episode of Cutthroat Kitchen next Sunday, Dec. 29, at 10pm/9c.

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Comments (9)

  1. Byron says:

    This show cracks me up. So often the "expert judge" thinks the worst ingredients are top notch. same tonight, what was it Antonia said about frozen popsicles? That they were "elegant", and I can't remember the other praise she gushed on them. Just shows that these so called "chef" judges have no palates. They're jokes.

    Love the show though.

    • fje says:

      Didn't you ever have Good Humor ice cream as a kid? Those Ice creams on a stick were great. Those strawberry shortcake ice creams that chef was give as a sabotage were probably better than anything he could have cobbled together.

  2. Lisa says:

    Absolutely HATE this show. Such a twisted freak host. What is wrong with Alton?

  3. vmacchia says:

    I pay my huge cable bill every month just to watch one channel, Food Network. Over the years I feel like I have become part of the FN family. However I am ashamed of FN for Cutthroat Kitchen. I will regretfully again begin my boycott of watching FN until they pull the plug on this show. Weren't you ever taught not to play with your food? This show is a waste of valuable food, valuable talent, and valuable time. To me watching FN has always been about learning something, and nothing from this show is educational. Sure, "it's just another form of competition, like Iron Chef." No, in Iron Chef and other food competitions on FN there may be twists, but ultimately we learn something. Not so with Cutthroat Kitchen, it's simply Cutthroat, nasty, and nothing good comes of it.

  4. John says:

    Love this show!!!! it is an amazing piece on human nature! How well and how fast can you adapt to a changing situation as well as how much do you way your greed over how badly do you want to disadvantage your opponents! My wife and I watch this show and my mother loves to talk about this for days after. Keep the episodes coming. The potato masher is our new favorite!!!!

  5. Just another Chef says:

    While I know it's television and the arrogance some of these "Chefs" show is part of the editing process, this particular episode irked me. Specifically, this bonehead Gentile with the first challenge. You would think someone of his caliber (according to him) would know that gnocchi does not mean hello in Italian but then to go on a make a fool if yourself is even better. I am sure the producers and editor were having some fun with this pompous ass.

  6. P. InTheA says:

    "Requested video cannot be found"

    Make us watch the commercial only to find out that the video couldn't be found???

    Nice move.


  7. Whatsitooya says:

    Is this a joke? I can go on and hand the judge a Good Humor Popsicle. does that mean I'm a better chef than someone who works at Eataly? This cocky fool who couldn't get his act together on one challenge wins because this joke of a judge likes artificial Popsicles. First time I'm truly dissapointed with the show.

    • Karen says:

      I know! I can't believe that Gentile won by literally melting down popsicles and re-freezing them. That took no creativity or skill at all! I can't believe Lofaso couldn't tell that the "raspberry ice cream" was literally just a premade strawberry shortcake pop. Couldn't she taste the chemicals? I've really lost confidence in her judging ability.

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