All New in 2014: 5 Stars Will Join Forces on The Kitchen

by in Shows, December 11th, 2013

The KitchenThere’s no question that in most homes, the kitchen is the warmest room in the house, the place where memories are made and stories are shared — not to mention where family meals are prepared day after day. And beginning this winter, five of your favorite Food Network stars will celebrate these aspects and more of the kitchen on an all-new series.

Jeff Mauro, Geoffrey Zakarian, Katie Lee, Marcela Valladolid and Sunny Anderson will come together on The Kitchen, premiering Saturday, Jan. 4, 2014, at 11am/10c, in a weekly morning show to not just cook some of their signature recipes together, but to dish on current food trends, chat about their families’ strategies for easy weeknight meals, swap money-saving tips and help you get the most out of your favorite kitchen gadgets. As these stars will gather around the kitchen table week after week, each will lend a unique perspective to the conversation, among them Katie’s often-healthy point of view, Marcela’s flair for Mexican cuisine and Geoffrey’s penchants for crafted cocktails.

What else can fans expect from The Kitchen? Plenty of laughs, to be sure, plus tried-and-true dishes to impress kids and adults alike, tips on quick cooking for your family and a bit of friendly competition from time to time — even appearances from special guests.

Mark your 2014 calendars now for the series premiere of The Kitchen on Saturday, Jan. 4 at 11am/10c.

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Comments (200)

  1. ruth windsor says:

    I watch and have watched every cooking show available for the past 30 years. I had a bad feeling when i saw the advertisement for the Kitchen. My Intuition was correct. A muddle that is only suitable for mud pies, not pies that people prepare in The Kitchen for real people.

    So much giggling at nothing! The chefs in the program might be ok, though admittedly i only watch 4 of them when there is nothing else on the TV (including programs like NCIS and Castle). Geoffrey, you have stepped out of your world into a Rachel Ray, commercialism ( I avoid her programs and any program including her sales pitch at all times). It is really bad when you shop and you can only find Rachael Ray products that cannot be used on / all surfaces.. not 10/18). Please, try to raise the level of the program, or find your way home.

    • zephyr437 says:

      Agree Ruth – you are right on with your comments. Geoffrey is an Iron Chef after all and presumably way above the lameness of this show and its other participants. Probably won't be watching it again. Having said that, I was glad to see that F/N could pcreate a show without Rachael or Guy. I for one am so over those two. They are waaaay over exposed!

      • jenxrus says:

        Amen. Don't like Jeff's personality/humor at all (even when he won Food Network Star) and I think Geoffrey should be above this kind of sad show.

  2. Floyd Golden III says:

    The show is great, good mix with the chefs

  3. CEW says:

    Like the show today and enjoyed the last segment when they talked about what they like and what they are tired of seeing. However, I think the show need a driver. To my Indians and no Chiefs so to speak.

  4. Nina says:

    I will give this show a chance. I am just grateful it is not another contest show. I am so disinterested in them and was about to give up on Food Network and return to watching PBS cooking shows. I agree with the person who said there needed to be some order to their dialog too many times they were speaking over each other and all that was heard was noise. With some tightening up on dialog and more cooking information I would continue to watch this again.

  5. girl_loves2_cook says:

    I enjoyed the show. It needs fine tuning but I think everyone on the show is a good fit. The recipes where good and the end with the saber and champagne bottle perfect ending. Can't wait for mores. My DVR is set to record all shows.

  6. Kelly says:

    I was excited when I saw this being advertised, until I saw that Jeff Mauro would be on it. I tuned in anyway, but had to mute it when he was talking. Just can't stand his shtick! Awful sense of humor. Don't care for Katie Lee. She has no cooking cred. Wish they'd do this show with real chefs and not "personalities." I do like Geoffrey and Marcella. Sunny's ok, even though she doesn't really have any cooking credentials, either. They need better chemistry and need to stop talking over one another. It just got too noisy. Loved the mixology segment, and the last one on upcoming trend and what they are "over."

  7. Sheila says:

    I love the stars on this show. I do agree it needs to be a little better organized because they where talking over each other. It is refreshing that it is not another game show and it does not have Guy in it. I am beginning to wonder if he has bought the controlling interest in FN. I like Guy but enough is enough already.
    I would like to see this show made better and would like to see it continue and be supported by FN faithful. The Sunday replay time of 11am central is perfect.

  8. Liz Womack says:

    would like info for the candle Sunny had

  9. deb t says:

    Quit trying so hard to be funny. The reason the chew works is that they are relaxed and comfortable not "forcing" themselves to have fun if be funny. The kitchen is a unusual mix of personalities (at least as we know them) and I am not sure this mix will work out for the long run.

  10. MTC says:


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