Thanksgiving Live to Return with Alton, Bobby, Giada and Ina

by in Holidays, Shows, November 12th, 2013

Thanksgiving Live! 2013For the third year in a row, your favorite chefs are taking over Food Network Kitchens in the annual call-in show Thanksgiving Live to answer your most-pressing questions about Turkey Day and help you host your most-memorable holiday feast yet. On Saturday, Nov. 23 from 12-2pm, Alton, Bobby and Giada, plus first-time Thanksgiving Live guest Ina, will be on hand to chat about all things Thanksgiving. Find out their own family traditions, suggestions for party-ready recipes, and no-fail tricks and tips for serving smooth gravy, juicy turkey and flaky biscuits, all while watching them prepare the ultimate spread of eats and drinks from start to finish. Just like in years past, this show will be broadcast live, which means that you’ll be watching the action unfold right as it’s happening at Food Network’s headquarters in New York City.

While Bobby, Alton, Giada and Ina will be cooking various dishes, they’ll be putting the focus of the show on you, the fans, and your Turkey Day conundrums. They’re there to answer your questions on anything from mingle-friendly appetizers and crowd-pleasing cocktails to carving the bird, whipping mashed potatoes and rolling out pie dough. Do you have a question you want answered? Leave it in the comments section below or use #ThanksgivingLive, and it may be answered on TV. Have Vine? Fans can submit questions there, too, by using #ThanksgivingLive.

Have a Thanksgiving fail? We want to see that too. The best-of-the-best may be shown on-air during the Thanksgiving Live broadcast! When submitting your videos, we ask you to read the submission release and keep in mind a few key things:
•    Please only submit your own videos. You need to own whatever you submit so we can be sure we have permission to use it.
•    Please do not submit videos that depict anyone other than you.
•    For goodness sakes do not do anything dangerous to create a video.
•    Send your video submission to:

After the show, be sure to stick around for leftovers, as Bobby, Alton, Giada and Ina — as well as Marcela, Jeff, Sunny and Katie Lee, some of the cast of the all-new upcoming series The Kitchen — will come together in a Google+ Hangout to chat about Thanksgiving’s best next-day dishes. They’ll be hanging out immediately after the on-air show to answer more of your questions, plus give you the dish on how they put leftover turkey and stuffing, plus stray veggies and gravy, to work in easy recipes for the post-holiday weekend. Check out for more details on how to watch online.

Tune in to Thanksgiving Live on Saturday, Nov. 23 at 12pm EST.

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Comments (1,260)

  1. Rose says:

    Cranberry Juice Quandary: When they make cocktails with cranberry juice, what kind is used… Traditional cranberry juice cocktail (with corn syrup), cranberry juice (sweetened with other juices), or unsweetened cranberry juice (very bitter) ???

  2. Denise says:

    Agree with all the posts about Giada. Normally I like her show except for her overuse of the word "basically". That live show was a disaster because of her. She was completely unprofessional. I sort of think of Ina as an east coast snob, but she was much more likable on this show.

  3. kathy says:

    It's ironic that Giada's behavior was as rude and unprofessional as many of the Next Food Network Star Contestants that she chastises and eliminates. She lost her credibility and she should no longer be a judge of others. In fact maybe it's time for her to hang up her apron on Food Network.

  4. Gaynell says:

    I watched the show and thought Giada was very rude! She kept talking over Ina and I didn't like the rudeness she displayed towards Alton Brown and Ina Garten for that matter. Food Network should not have Giada be a host in other live shows she was so unprofessional!!!

  5. Cadee says:

    I agree with others about Giada's rude behavior. She thought this was the Giada Show and never shut up. She kept eating with her fingers and tasting everything in front of her. She even went so far as to pick something up from Alton's plate!!!!!!! She thinks she is now a movie star and it is all about her. In reality, I would rather watch Ina, Alton and Bobby. Giada has become a legend in her "own mind" and I do not plan on watching anything that she participates in. Someone needs to tell her she is not "America's Sweetheart" likes she thinks she is. I cringe every time I see her on tv

  6. Cadee says:

    I love Food Networks ethics. Paula is alleged to have said something, she is fired, banned from the show. Giada acts like she is drunk or high, makes an as* out of herself, embarasses other chefs and Food Networks continues to have her as a chef.

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