Stay for Leftovers: Thanksgiving Live! Google+ Hangout

by in Holidays, Shows, November 23rd, 2013

Google HangoutThanksgiving Live! may be over, but there’s more turkey talk on our Google+ Hangout. The conversation continues with Alton, Bobby, Giada and Ina, who are joined by Jeff Mauro, Sunny Anderson, Katie Lee and Marcela Valladolid. Post your questions on Google+ and watch the Hangout below.

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Comments (137)

  1. twinkles says:

    I thought Alton was worse than Giada. Giada is more easy-going. Yes, she was attention-getting but so was Alton and he was alot more domineering, fast-talking and impatient with everybody else about it, as if it were his show. He acts like he's got his stopwatch out and no one has any time-management skills but him. That bothered me even more. He has emphatic facial expressions and talks too fast.

  2. jennifer says:

    I usually love Giada…..her show is one of my favorites on Food Network. This was my first year watching Thanksgiving Live so I didn't really know what to expect. Sadly, this will probably be my last year watching it too. I told my husband after it was over that I thought Giada seemed annoying and rude, constantly talking over others and interrupting. I thought maybe it was just me being too critical. Then I saw the comments here and realized I wasn't the only one who felt she was annoying! She's usually great but she definitely ruined the show in my opinion. Please consider someone else,like Ree Drummond, for next year's show.

  3. AnthonyTaylor says:

    Ive read the comments and dont understand everyones distaste with the show. clearly no one has watched the previous Thanksgiving Lives as this is how the show always goes. It has the raw unscripted feel to which highlights the comedy and chemistry the cast has. The food network family get togethers are the same as real family get togethers. Im glad they do it this way instead of some phony scripted nonsense. And if they ever put ree drummond back on here ill be livid. She was the worst last year, she has zero personality

    • Tom says:

      Think about it. If no personality is your criteria, then doesn't it seem odd that people loved Ina so much? She's the mellowest one on the network. People have said her show is a snoozefest, yet she and Bobby are the favorites.

    • Dee McQuirk says:

      Happy Thanksgiving Anthony: I have watched the previous Thanksgiving Lives, and I agree with your assessment. However, the Format is not what I am objecting to. The issue, in my opinion; was Giada de laurentis' behavior. She was rude, in that, she was interrupting everyone, literally shouting over Ina Garten, so consequently, we could not ascertain what Ina was saying. Ina was so excited to be part of this year's Festivities, and added a certain genise' qua' to the show. In other words, (my High School French is a bit rusty) she added an element of Class, Knowledge, Expertise and an abundance of energy. She and Bobby Flay are the only reason I continued to watch. Giada, you should be ashamed and simply resign your presence on the Network. And yes, Giada shows way too much "Cleavage" to be taken seriously! She was not this way in the beginning, or perhaps she was, I could never really gain anything from her show. FN, never dispose of Ina Garten, Bobby Flay, nor Alton Brown.

  4. Dee McQuirk says:

    I have never been so disappointed in anything as much as FN Thanksgiving Live. Yes, I have watched it for years. Giada de Laurentis was an absolute disgrace to the Network. She acted like a child in one of my Kindergarden classes. Always seeking attention and interrupting everyone else. Speaking out of turn, at every opportunity. I felt sorry for the rest of the Chefs (experts) Oh and yes, least I forget…She was constantly sticking her FINGERS in the food, and then sticking it in her mouth. She did this the entire time. She was eating with her FINGERS; something the rest of us were taught "NOT TO DO", at a very early age. We have watched Alton Brown in various roles at FN, and he is nothing short of "Wonderful". Good Eats is like a Science Lab. We love it, as well as Alton. Ina Garten, whom, by the way, has more "CLASS" in her Little Finger, than Giada would ever hope to have. Bobby, Ina and Alton are consummate Professionals, yet very charming and friendly. This 2013 Thanksgiving Live, which most of us had been waiting with "Baited Breath" to watch and consume.

  5. the Observer says:

    Isn't it amazing how Ina's show has been called a snoozefest by some and how she's been criticized as having no personality, and yet here she is, the most popular one on Thanksgiving Live?! Bob & Susie, are you reading? Take note. Loud, has had it's day.

    Easy-going is not a liability. Ina is the proof. It would have very interesting to see what might of happened had the show been Guy Fieri, Alton and Ina. Who would the audience and the people posting here have liked best? Ina is sure charming the viewers.

  6. Dee McQuirk says:

    The 2013 Thanksgiving Live; which the majority of us (I have been cooking for my family for 41 years) always enjoy watching. We are never too Learned, to appreciate new Tips and Techniques. Which the FN has in spades. Giada de Laurentis was an absolute disappointment, and I feel, an absolute disgrace to the Food Networks Impeccable reputation. Giada needs to be "Chopped" sorry to say it, but there it is. She may be the Queen and Ruling Matriarch of her Domain. But please, do not impose your bad behavior on the rest of us! Her poor husband must be perfectly Cowed. OK, lets not get personal and ugly. My Apologies! However, please do not invite her back again. Giada, lose the glasses.!

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  8. Linda says:

    Well I agree with most of you but I thought Alton was worse than Giada. At one point they asked Ina to answer a question and he totally blew her off. You can see the expression on his face. If Alton or Giada are on next year I will not watch. Go Ina and Bobby. You were great

  9. Jodi says:

    I cannot express how disappointed I was in Giada. It was all attention seeking behavior, starting with the glasses, which were awful, and ending with the finger in the air and orange juice. I won't watch her shows anymore. I loved her until Thanksgiving Live.

  10. Terri says:

    well, I kind of feel sorry for Giada, but not really, she and Alton have both big ego's, or lost so much weight that they are hungry! Ina and Bobby are class. I have been watching for years, and this is first time I shut it off in middle

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