Thanksgiving Live! Behind the Scenes

by in Holidays, Shows, November 23rd, 2013

Ina's turkeyIna’s Accidental Turkey is a success! Bobby and Giada applaud the results.

TurkeyTurkey dinner is served! Bobby demonstrates how he carves up the bird.

Ina's green beansEveryone goes in for a taste of Ina’s Green Beans Gremolata.

Bobby and Giada toastBobby and Giada toast with a Spanish Cranberry Sparkling Martini.

AltonAlton recommends using a probe in the deepest part of the breast to ensure the turkey is cooked just right. But make sure the digital reader stays outside of the oven: “This doesn’t go in the oven, otherwise it’s bad eats,” jokes Alton.

Giada and InaIna loves to rub her turkey with olive oil and Giada agrees! “I like my turkey nice and brown,” says Giada.

Bobby, Giada and InaGiada gets a sampling of Bobby’s Roasted Turkey a la Tangerine. Bobby says his favorite part of the bird is the oyster, which he steals before the turkey goes out to the table.

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Comments (286)

  1. bittyemily says:

    After watching the Thanksgiving Live three times (because I love those guys!) I must say that Giada made me furious. Does she ever shut up!!! Why must she have something to say about EVERYTHING. It's like she is saying "look at me, look at me". Absolutely painful to watch. Foodnetwork – – next year do something different PLEASE!!

  2. the Observer says:

    Isn't it amazing….. how,… Ina's show has been called a snoozefest by some….. and how she's been criticized as having no personality….., and yet here she is, the most popular one on Thanksgiving Live?! Bob & Susie, are you reading? Take note. Loud, has had it's day.

  3. Anna Burris says:

    I watched the show along with so many others and had the same opinion. Giada really needs help to have to have so much attention. Someone should pay close attention to anyone acting like she did. She seems to be making a cry for help. I think she cut her finger to get even more attention. She needs some serious evaluation and it is not fair to the other wonderful food hosts to have to put up with her and her rudeness.

  4. Adair says:

    All I can say is "what a hot mess". I was really looking forward to watching the Thanksgiving Live show and was extremely disappointed with the behavior that was exhibited on the show. However on the upside, true to form Bobby and Ina were their usual classy selves! Certainly was surprising, prior to this show I would of guessed Giada to have been the one with the most class. I never would of guessed her to be so narcissistic, guess we saw a bit of her true colors…..very sad.

  5. montangal says:

    I'm so glad to see I'm not the only one to think that Giada was absolutely obnoxious. I could not stand to watch her continually interrupt the other hosts. It was extremely rude. Was she drunk? And Alton was not much better. Those two should not be on the show next year and they should apologize to Bobby and Ina as well as the viewers. Really – throwing food? And yes, Giada… we know you are Italian. You do not need to remind us every two seconds.

  6. nancy wakely says:

    I watched this twice and here's the conclusion I came to. Most of us commenting are not only fans but students of food network and have been watching it evolve over the years. I know which cooks and chefs I like and know what they've cooked in the past and what works for me. I tuned in to be entertained and here a few new ideas that could be followed up on the posted recipes. Wasn't there to be taught step by step on anything. These folks were no different than they are on their regular shows. Giada is effervescent, Bobby is Mr. Cool, Alton is the mad scientist, and Ina, well she's always my favorite. I got to see 4 great cooks get together and act like they probably do around their family and friends. The bonus was some new ideas and twists on the old standards. It was fun!

    • lecross says:

      seriously? you thought giada was "effervescent"? what do you describe as obnoxious? do your family and friends stick their fingers in the food, lick and double dip? Fun? Are you a member of the FN cheer leading staff?.

  7. Paul says:

    Hey Giada, say nope to dope and ugh to drugs! Can someone tell me what the hell she was drinking? I usually get sleepy with a cocktail. Please tell me the go-go juice that turned that 40 something year olds clock back to Boone Farm drinking high school days. Remember the first step is the only one that you need to do perfectly!!!!

  8. Texas fan says:

    I am a huge Food Network fan; have been for a long time. I could not wait for this year's Thanksgiving Live. I was very disappointed when the show got out of control, with Giada's behavior. Ina and Bobby were class acts the entire show. I wish the powers to be can understand that those of us who are fans really appreciate polite behavior and would prefer not to be subjected to out of control celebrities who are craving attention. Maybe next year the producers can re-think the show and make it a much better show to watch, learn from and enjoy.

  9. Wendy says:

    Very disappointed with the show. Loved Bobby, Ina and Alton. Wish Giada hadn't been so intrusive. It was very strange. I had hoped to learn more, but instead I chose to turn it off out of frustration.

  10. Sue says:

    Giada was a complete disgrace to the Food Network. The Thanksgiving special was absolutely terrible and very uncomfortable to watch. I could only watch for a while and then I had to move on.

    I love Bobby and Ina and I am very sorry they had to be a part of that "special". Those two are nice and low key and easy to watch. Giada should take some lessons from them. Giada needs to go. We are tired of her. Her own show is not worth watching because she is so strange…with her even stranger accent. Give us all a break with that. We all know you are Italian. No need to make up accents over it.

    It is too bad. The special would have been really good otherwise.

    PS. Alton should stop talking like he is on the Iron Chef. Very annoying and lame. Otherwise, he OK in my book. What is he suppose to do when he has an idiot putting turkey puppets on his head?

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