Thanksgiving Live! Behind the Scenes

by in Holidays, Shows, November 23rd, 2013

Ina's turkeyIna’s Accidental Turkey is a success! Bobby and Giada applaud the results.

TurkeyTurkey dinner is served! Bobby demonstrates how he carves up the bird.

Ina's green beansEveryone goes in for a taste of Ina’s Green Beans Gremolata.

Bobby and Giada toastBobby and Giada toast with a Spanish Cranberry Sparkling Martini.

AltonAlton recommends using a probe in the deepest part of the breast to ensure the turkey is cooked just right. But make sure the digital reader stays outside of the oven: “This doesn’t go in the oven, otherwise it’s bad eats,” jokes Alton.

Giada and InaIna loves to rub her turkey with olive oil and Giada agrees! “I like my turkey nice and brown,” says Giada.

Bobby, Giada and InaGiada gets a sampling of Bobby’s Roasted Turkey a la Tangerine. Bobby says his favorite part of the bird is the oyster, which he steals before the turkey goes out to the table.

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Comments (286)

  1. Andrea says:

    I realize I'm late to the party but this has been bothering me since the show aired. First we had to have a vote on wheather Giada should or should not wear glasses. Really? I want cooking advice so why would I care about her choice of eye ware? Then the constant over shadowing by Giada. I applaude Ina as a touch of class added to this show and for her restraint in not shutting Giada up. What a disappointment! I look forward to this show every year. Please cut Giada loose next year. If she is on I will not watch as I no longer watch her cooking shows. BTW, Giada get yourself a Thesaurus because I am tired of hearing you using the same adjectives when describing your food (light and airy, gooey, bubbly, yummy). Finally we should create a drinking game everytime she says the work Italian we take a shot. Then we would all be as drunk as she acted on the show.

  2. Disgusted says:

    So glad to read others comments re: Giada. I personally am sickened by her low cut tops. Entirely too much! I'm no prude, but this bizarre person needs to go. Stopped watching her show with all the breasts, open mouthed chewing, controlling bossiness, nonsensical accent, and the way she just bares that huge mouthful of teeth in the most ridiculous imitation of a smile. Food network must think people like this kind of thing, to let her go on and on. Fact is, many of us refuse to watch her, and are changing channels. Giada, get real! Look to Ina for real class and like ability. Food network, how many viewers is she worth?

    • Brittani says:

      I know this is from last year's Thanksgiving but couldn't agree more. I am so sick of her big teeth, ridiculous insistence on pronouncing every word with an Italian accent but then switching back to talking "normal", her low cut tops, open mouth eating, arrogance, and overall bratty-ness. That's not even discussing the Thanksgiving episode!! That is just her on her own show. I refuse to watch anything she is involved with and was appalled at her behavior on the Live show…she had to have been on something to act like that. To be so disrespectful to Ina, my mouth was open the entire time! Jaw dropped!….Oh and Alton, who I use to ADORE when Good Eats came out, has gone off the deep-end as well with his arrogance….as usual, fame has gone to both of their heads.)….I hope they get rid of her.

  3. Tim says:

    I was disappointed, “Thanksgiving Live” did not occur in 2014. I hope Alton Brown hosts a 2015 Thanksgiving Live. I looked forward to see these shows each year since the first one. Also, why not rerun the previous Thanksgiving Live shows in the week or so prior to Thanksgiving and/or Christmas?

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