Quiz: Are You the Ultimate Robert Irvine Fan?

by in Food Network Chef, November 4th, 2013

Robert IrvineYou’ve seen every episode of Restaurant: Impossible and have even ventured to try for yourself some of the overhauled eateries featured on the show. You’re eagerly tuning in to the latest premieres of Robert’s all-new show, Restaurant Express, and you’ve already cast your Fan Vote for the contestant you think should win the final prize. But when it comes to the host of these game-changing series, how much do you know about Robert Irvine? This British-born chef and restaurateur has been cooking since he was a boy, and he is perhaps as famous for his signature muscled physique as he is his no-nonsense attitude and fearless approach to any mission on television. Take the quiz below to test your knowledge of all things Chef Robert, and find out if you’re the ultimate fan.

Are You the Ultimate Robert Irvine Fan?

Are you worthy of the title Robert Irvine Superfan? Answer these questions to find out.
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Tune in to Restaurant: Impossible on Wednesdays at 10pm/9c and Restaurant Express on Sundays at 9pm/8c.

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Comments (23)

  1. Linda says:

    Robert I am not sure if you remember me but I was the person at your kitchen memories at Disney's EPCOT
    One year ago who wore the special restaurant impossible t shirt. By the way your macaroni and cheese is way better than kraft.

  2. eileen- says:

    I have been watching both shows that Robert is involved in. I must state that I have grown tired of his spitting the food out that he does not like –a napkin or mannerly method surly could be found–he is made to be so concerned about having everything up to par that this has grown old and he needs to learn a few manners if this is the way he acts at his table at home or better yet at friends or family houses.

  3. Pat says:

    Just read about Robert's hip repplacement surgery earlier this year in "Arthritis" magazine. Very inspiring about his healthy lifestyle and passionate work schedule. Keep up the good work and the best to you and your new wife

  4. Freda says:

    Robert was doing ok on the Express until his PEP talk. Interesting how he had to burst Eric's bubble but gave ample encouragement to the Asian girl. I think Eric was out before he even cooked…

  5. eli says:

    Nobody mentions that the winner was not a home cook but a person I heard helped and worked in her family restaurant for years. I also feel Irvine likes that type of food…..I think the show was staged will not watch it again.elie

  6. John says:

    I enjoy watch his show.

  7. M Noel says:

    I love both shows Restaurant Impossible, and Restaurant Express. I thank him because I learn a lot on the shows. Those are few of the best shows.Chef Robert really help these people. He wakes then up, he teaches then how to lead, manage, most important how to work together. Chef Robert save a lot of these people's dream. I watch it so much that I look foward to Wednesday, Sunday and which ever day that I could watch the repeat. Good luck to you and your family Chef

  8. Cynthia says:

    I Took The Test To See If I Am A Real Robert Irvine Fan And Passed ….WOOHOO !!!
    May I Know Meet Him In Person And Taste Some Of His Wonderful Cooking ?
    I'm A Mother Of Two Grown Children And Four Grandsons.
    I Was Diagnosed In 2000 With Lupus, Fybroidmyalgia , Osteoperosis , Osteoperosis , Degenitive Bone Disease
    Which Caused Both Total Hip Replacements And A Knee Replacement.
    It Would Be A Dream Come True .
    Love The Show And Robert Irvine Helping So Many People And Touching So Many Lives. :-)

  9. Podcaster1 says:

    The Gamut with Steve Belanger sat down with celebrity chef and host of Food Network’s Restaurant Impossible, Robert Irvine. Join us on this podcast as Steve and Robert compare knife skills, talk about healthy eating, & discuss a few cooking tips for the average guy. You can check out the podcast here: https://soundcloud.com/stevebelanger/robert-irvin

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