Diner vs. BBQ: Which Restaurant Divided Concept Did You Like Better?

by in Shows, November 14th, 2013

Restaurant Divided“Anytime you mix friendship with business, there’s always inherent conflict, and you can see it’s sort of coming to the surface,” Restaurant Divided‘s Rocco DiSpirito said not long after arriving at Against Da Grill, a Staten Island, N.Y., eatery specializing in diner-style classics. Co-owners Kurron Mangin and Vinny Lima — the chef and the business manager at Against Da Grill, respectively — are longtime best friends facing imminent closure of their restaurant if they can’t turn around the business. While Kurron is committed to maintaining the original diner concept at Against Da Grill, Vinny believes a change is in order and proposed they begin serving traditional barbecue instead. “I feel that the Island is missing that,” Vinny explained. “If we could bring something that no one else is doing, we have a better chance at success.”

The team at Against Da Grill is a tightknit one: The staff is like family, and the restaurant is well-ingrained in the community. So for Rocco to decide what the best next step should be for Against Da Grill, he ultimately divided it. After a complete interior overhaul and menu redesign, Kurron served customers at the new Against Da Grill while Vinny ran S.I.Q. on the other side of the restaurant. Rocco listened to customer and critic feedback, tasted dishes from both eateries and reviewed both restaurants’ chances for lasting success before deciding that S.I.Q. offered the most opportunity for viability.

Do you think Rocco made the correct decision in choosing to open S.I.Q., or would you have rather seen Against Da Grill be given a second chance? Tell FN Dish in the poll below: Which Restaurant Divided concept did you like better?

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Comments (7)

  1. Lisa Cama says:

    This was one of the best segments. They are two terrific guys and I hope the business never changes their friendship. Where is S.I.Q. located….I want to visit.

  2. Gigi says:

    When Rocco sent Vinny to get tutoring from the "expert"—–OMG. The chief prepared RAW pork on a cutting board and then served smoked pork on the same cutting board??? I hope that Kurron is in charge of food safety. Show is a great concept.

  3. mlp says:

    I really like this show and this was the best episode yet. Rocco is great. He's serious but also nice and respectful of the people he deals with. The designers for this show are also very good. I wish Kurron and Vinny, nice guys to the max, all success.

  4. ST. George Foodie says:

    I have been to ADG several times and I throughly enjoyed every plate that I had. I agree the menu was vast but I kept it simple with pancakes or burgers which were an A+++. I actually went to take some family members from out of town to get breakfast and the place was shut down. I will check back tomorrow to see if SIQ is indeed open. Sad to see ADG go it was a hidden treasure but excited to try the new food.

  5. J-luv says:

    Saw the show and luv'ed it thoroughly! I think Korran should have won it cause I don't eat pork but bo Idea's were good and well executed. I would luv to be a cook there!

  6. T.J. says:

    Just saw a rerun of this show. Is there an update on this restaurant? Can't find information for a visit.

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