Photos: Food Network Kitchens Prepare for Thanksgiving Live

by in Shows, November 21st, 2013

Food Network KitchensMuch like you’re probably spending the week preparing for next Thursday’s Turkey Day feast, so too has Food Network Kitchens been pulling out all of the stops to get ready for the third-annual Thanksgiving Live, airing Saturday at 12pm EST. This year’s all-star bash will include returning stars Bobby, Giada and Alton, plus first-time Thanksgiving Live guest Ina. But before these Thanksgiving pros take over Food Network Kitchens to answer your questions, it’s up to the team in the kitchens to buy each and every ingredient needed for the chefs’ dishes — as well as to gather the utensils, pans and serving pieces needed to prepare them — and transform the test kitchens into a seasonal space worthy of a holiday celebration.

FN Dish headed to Food Network Kitchens to get the first look at the preparations going on behind the scenes, and what we found was no fewer than six knife blocks, dozens of pots and pans in every imaginable size and shape, and both wooden and plastic cutting boards, plus specialized tools to help Bobby, Giada, Alton and Ina prepare their dishes with ease. Check out these insider snapshots to take a peek inside Food Network Kitchens and find out what you can expect to see on TV come Saturday at 12pm EST.

Food Network KitchensBrowse behind-the-scenes photos for a peek at Food Network Kitchens’ preparations for Thanksgiving Live, and catch Bobby, Giada, Alton and Ina on the show on Saturday, Nov. 23 at 12pm EST.

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  1. brenna mendes says:

    Have either of you chefs cooked your turkey in a brown paper bad? The turkey comes out so moist? Would you ever roast your turkey using this method? Happy Thanksgiving..hugs to all

  2. janice hardick says:

    do you have a turkey brine that does not use a lot of salt ?. also is there a brine for a pork loin or is it not necessary? thank you for your time. janice

  3. Brenda B says:

    Can you make mashed potatoes ahead of time? And how do you reheat without it getting gummy or too dry?? Any tips would be appreciate!

  4. rachel says:

    What's the best wisky to serve with thanksgiving

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