Hoppy Thanksgiving

by in Food Network Magazine, November 22nd, 2013

The Most-Purchased Thanksgiving ItemsPop quiz: What are the top-five grocery items sold during the week of Thanksgiving, excluding turkey? The obvious — milk, eggs and butter — are top-sellers year-round, including Thanksgiving week, but we were surprised that beer came in fifth across the country, beating out canned pumpkin and cranberry sauce. The fourth most popular item? That depends on which side of the country you’re on: East Coasters buy record amounts of cream cheese, while those in the West are big on packaged fried onions.

(Photograph by Kang Kim)

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Comments (3)

  1. janet says:

    My Thanksgiving dinner is different nationality is that ok or is that little to much

  2. Sharyl says:

    Tried to watch the live show but had to turn it off. Listening to Alton and Giada snipe at each other was awful and no one could complete a thought without someone else cutting them off. Too bad. Wanted some good ideas and got nothing but big egos trying to outdo each other. I saw the clip if Giada's injury and Alton's reaction online. He owes her an apology!

  3. Mary says:

    I agree with Sharyl's comments. I really looked forward to this show but soon tired of it because of the rudeness displayed by two of the stars. Bobby Flay did his part with dignity and professionalism. So did Ina Garten. However, Giada was constantly upstaging the others, interrupting while they were speaking, The sniping between Giada and Alton was very unpleasant. The "food fight" was juvenile. Please don't use this format again.

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