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by in Community, News, November 4th, 2013

My Recipe BoxWhen you’re perusing‘s vast collection of recipes, you may very well come across towering cakes and comforting casseroles, simple soups and showstopping steaks, and centerpiece roast chickens and satisfying cookies — all in one visit. But with so many tasty how-tos for the taking, how are you to remember which recipes in particular you know you want to make, and how do you keep them organized? Enter’s newest tool: Recipe Box.

It’s no longer necessary to print out page after page of recipes, then staple them together and stash them away in a drawer. With Recipe Box, not only can you sort your favorite recipes by dish, cuisine, meal type, menu, chef and more categories, but you also can create shopping lists based on any or all of your preferred recipes and access them from both Food Network’s website and your mobile phone.

The first step to creating your Recipe Box is registering to become a member of It’s free and easy to sign up, and the process — consisting of an email and password entry — takes mere moments; you can also register with your social media accounts, like Facebook or Google+. If you’re an existing member and you’ve already started collecting recipes in your Recipe Box, those saved recipes will have been moved to the new Recipe Box.

My Recipe BoxOnce you’ve created a profile and are signed in, simply click the Save to Recipe Box link on the side of any recipe. You can create customizable folders for themed recipes, like Thanksgiving-inspired eats, or just pool them in All My Recipes.

My Recipe BoxTo make the process of actually planning to cook these recipes simpler, you can add ingredients to your Shopping List, and from there tweak the list so that it doesn’t include ingredients you already have. You can also add miscellaneous goods — say, those needed for no recipe in particular — then email yourself the complete list to easily reference later.

My Recipe BoxBy hovering over any recipe in your recipe box, you have the option of putting its ingredients on your shopping list, adding the recipe to a folder, plus sharing, deleting or viewing the recipe.

My Recipe BoxIf you come across a must-save recipe on a site other than, you can add it to your recipe box as well. After clicking on Add a Recipe from a Site, just copy and paste the URL into the field and select Import Page. You’ll be able to make notes about the recipe and save it to any of your folders.

With Thanksgiving less than a month away, it’s not too early to start planning your holiday feast. You can get a jump-start on menu development and make grocery shopping easier with the help of Recipe Box. Browse Thanksgiving Central, Food Network’s one-stop Turkey Day headquarters, for the ultimate in recipe inspiration, and start planning today.

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Comments (131)

  1. Doreen says:

    Really… ? Can you please put the site back the way it was. I don't like BIG pictures that don't help me cook… they are a distraction. It's cumbersome, not friendly to a computer novice… which I'm not, but this new piece of programming makes me feel dumb. I hate it.

  2. Beth says:

    The bottom line question from all of us who are obviously un-happy with your new format is "what are you going to do to fix this mess?" We have all lost many favorite recipes! You need to address this before you lose most of your fan base.

  3. Guest says:

    To me the most appalling aspect is that, knowing full well that RB was not working on this site, they rolled it out on their sister site,, which had a great system of cookbooks up until the roll-out. Further, even if they fix the accessibility issues and technical issues so that RB works as designed, so what? It is a terrible design. Waiting 45 seconds for a recipe to save is awful. Inability to organize recipes within a folder is awful. Too many awfuls to list.

  4. Guest says:

    I agree with everyone else! I am trying to like the new system but hate the fact that I cannot print a recipe. I like to take my recipes to my summer place (no internet) so the recipe box is worthless to me. I use a Safari browser, the sidebar options are there to print, save, email etc. but when printed every, red highlighted, hyperlink prints out in full making it impossible to follow the recipe & wastes ink/paper. I have tried everything, converting to pdf, saving to desktop but nothing works. I hope FN fixes the issue. I finally went to and printed out the recipes I needed (most were there).

    • Guest says:

      I agree!!! Me and my kids try to print recipes and confusing websites come in the printed papers.
      We then have to cover those sentences with a marker. Some of us don't mind printing. In fact,
      I prefer it so that my kids don't get flour all over my iPhone or iPad!!!!

    • cmp says:

      I agree!I miss not being able to print recipes. Hate new look!!!!!

    • Elmo says:

      You don't understand…the Kiddies with Komputers that designed this mess don't want you to print recipes. They want you to stand up your Ipad and use it in your kitchen….Gee whiz…get modern will you…?

  5. sally says:

    Fail,,,,Fail,,,,Fail Lost over 50 plus recipes I had saved. And now I can't even create a new Box And why would I when you've deleted all my previous favorites.

  6. Eric Souza says:

    I am looking for a new food network since you've changed we've grown apart. I sure miss the old food network. If you tar and feather the corporate nitwit that created the new look, we may consider reconciling!
    Eric Souza

    Former food network fan and supporter
    Where's my recipe box?

    • ruth says:

      donna I have been at this mess for several weeks and have not found my .started before Christmas and now had sometime today to see if I could find a way to save my mothers and aunts and cousins etc. __

  7. @tvproducts says:

    The site is awful when trying to print recipes, because of all the food term links! When are they going to fix this? I can't believe it has not been fixed yet.

  8. Olga Harbar says:

    I am really frustrated with the food network website. In the past one could print the recipe, now that option does NOT exist? Please why make things difficult. One other complaint, about the network, there seems to be a lot of reruns. Also truly have had my fill of challenges, make overs, etc, . We need just cooking. You have lost the focus of what made you good.

  9. Donna says:

    I am so frustrated with this new website. I cannot find the recipes I have saved for years! Where are they? And so disappointed with Food Network. You used to have great chefs on your programs. Nothing worth watching now.

  10. Donna says:

    I want my old recipes that I have saved for years. Where are they?

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