Go Behind the Scenes of Southern at Heart with Damaris

by in Shows, November 3rd, 2013

Although Damaris Phillips survived 11 weeks of camera and culinary competitions on Food Network Star to become the newest face of food television, nothing could prepare her for the excitement and nervous energy that would come with filming her very own show. Just last week she premiered her series — Southern at Heart, airing Sundays at 10:30am/9:30c; cameras were rolling in Louisville, Ky., as she prepared to take her place in the kitchen and tape that episode.

Click the play button on the video above to watch as Damaris introduces her set and explains the props in the kitchen, and hear as she chats about her hopes for Southern at Heart.

Don’t miss Damaris on Southern at Heart every Sunday at 10:30am/9:30c.

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Comments (19)

  1. Ginger says:

    I LOVE HER NEW SHOW!!! She is completely natural, funny, endearing, and full is creative, interesting, and fresh recipes. I'm watching her make pumpkin scones right now and am making my grocery list for today!

  2. Joyce Warren says:

    LOVED your show today Damaris….the pumpkin scones looked yummy I'm gonna have to try and make them and your granola as well…..you are a joy to watch….I knew you were gonna be the next Foodnetwork star…..your a natural…I'm just saddened because I won't get to watch your show every week because I'm a cashier at a conv. store and don't always get Sundays off :-( but the Sundays I'm off I will be watching……look forward to watching as soon as I can!!

  3. Denise says:

    Damaris is sooo natural in front of the camera. Love the show, not even a blip noted while she makes recipes with ingredients we can understand and just might already have at home. And what a smile! Keep it up Damaris, Food Network got a WIN with you!

  4. Crouton40 says:

    (140 characters is just NOT enough for only 1 twitter-post!But anything helps get the word out to more people). sigh…
    Saw 2nd episode of Southern At Heart. Damaris is natural. Ginger said it good, above. I agree. But there's more:
    1. Opening of show: Love the photography/scenery. And the standard opening itself. Fresh. own to earth. Represents Kentucky (and Food Network) nicely.
    2. She's looking more at home in her new show. A bit more relaxed/informal. Fun to watch.
    3. Loving the how-to's and the why's of the teaching! Times, temps, and i *do* like measuring and the amounts of things. Helpful. And what adding this or that ingredient or spice will do. Informative. :)
    4. I am happy that Damaris' food continues to keep looking so appetizing (that Chili in episode 1, and thx for posting recipe…and wishing I had that Granola dish from today's show. Mmmmm.
    5. Glad for the Visuals–shots showing how things look at various stages of cooking.
    6. Many women love that Apron she wore. Cute. Damaris looks nice in the outfits/colors she is wearing. I would think that Susie Fogelson and all the marketing people are quite proud of her. Fans, too.
    7. Her smile. Looks happy. Not fake or overdone. Very nice. You can tell Damaris is happy doing what she does.
    8. I'm thankful for the Teaching. That's the most important thing. Its clear. People can "get" it.
    9. She has a knack for picking out very delicious creations/dishes. Looking forward to more shows. I think Food Network (and viewers) are going to get alot of good out of SouthernAtHeart. –Crouton40

  5. MARIE says:

    FANTASTIC SHOW! Finally Food Network got it right! No wasting of food and spiteful behavior ( Cut Throat Kitchen) No frenetic running around with grocery carts and ridiculous challenges (Grocery Games) Just a lovely, peaceful show with a sincere and delightful personality who can actually TEACH US SOMETHING! I've been cooking forever and in the first couple of shows – I've really learned a few new things! Who knew? Better than the two shows I mentioned above – HERE IS FOOD WE ACTUALLY WANT TO TASTE! You go Damaris! I'm recording every show!!!!

  6. VoiceFromTheSky says:

    So shalt thy days be long upon the earth, and blessed.
    Heaven must be a Kentucky kind of place!"

  7. Crouton40 says:

    EPISODE 3. Chef Damaris Phillips. Southern at Heart. –Nov. 10th
    I want to focus on honest comments that aren't exaggeration or hype. Happily, I can.
    (In no particular order)…

    #1. Damaris continues to improve even more in her new show.
    Today showed even more authority/leadership (even though she already had it). I am discovering the value of keeping things in the oven at low heat for awhile (tenderness, flavors soaking through). It's one of those "yea, yea, we all know that" sort've things but today was a good example of seeing, how this really helps. I like how she tells what adding this or adding that to the beef broth will do and how it helps flavor. Learned about (spelling) Horissa (?) and creamed cheese together. Who knew? Also, woulda never thought of using smoked Gouda (my favorite cheese) in Mac n Cheese. Frankly, I don't like mac n cheese at all ( i still have nightmares about what they served in elementary school)…but this, looks miiiiiles apart. And flavorful. I learned what Chow-Chow is. Never heard of it. (I probably need to get out more (grin). More:

    #2. Note to Make-up crew. Use episode three (today) of Southern at Heart "as a model". Her eyes & hair–couldn't be better. Today was "the look". (Hoping that doesn't sound too "gushy"…but, she really did look nice.) That- leads me to my "A-Ha! moment", earlier today.
    I was watching Rachel Ray. Like Rachel–but—have you ever noticed?….if you really watch, it is surprising just how much Rachel looks DOWN. At the cutting board. At the counter-top. It's sometimes like she looks mostly down, with occasional glances up, at the camera. But not so, with Damaris! We are just a mere 3 shows into this, and when she looks right straight into the camera and smiles with a "we'll be right back" and earlier, "when I come back, we'll make Pot Roast sandwiches"…THIS must be the camera-presence Bob Tuschman was hoping for! This is a far cry from "the girl at the burger bash". Who knew?

    3. Given the connection with the camera and audience, given the clear & useful teaching, and the wonderfully appetizing dishes she creates….I can only hope that Food Network see's the honest value of Damaris, and her show, and KEEPS her! I don't think anything I've said is hype or exaggeration. And judging by other comments on Twitter and Damaris's Facebook page, she is connecting beautifully with viewers.

  8. JeR says:

    You people must be nuts. Watching this show was like watching Rachel Ray. A COMPLETE TRAIN WRECK. Food Network is really going to the dogs.

    • Gen. Brannigan says:

      Your Post is Nuts.

      1. HOW, must we be nuts.? You don't say.
      2. HOW, is is it like Rachel Ray? And what about Rachel didn't you like? You don't say.
      3. A complete Train Wreck. HOW? In what way? You don't say.
      4. Food Network going to the dogs? Because of what? How? Again, you don't say.

      You are vague as hell. This says nothing. London Fog is clearer than this.

    • jimstj says:

      A famous quote – "It is better to remain silent and let people think you are a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.." Your comment speaks volumes.

    • jimstj says:

      I've had a chance to try to figure out why someone would post such a spiteful comment without trying to support their point of view. It's easy to do it given that you're anonymous – hiding behind your screen. Takes real courage <sarcasm intended>. Then it dawned on me – sour grapes… perhaps your real name is Penny Davidi?.

  9. kendall says:

    Haven't been able to find her show in quite some time. Sandwich King is at 10:30 a.m. on Sundays, Trisha's Southern Kitchen at 9:30 a.m. and it isn't listed at all on the TV guide. Did the name change, was it cancelled, or what? I'm in the Eastern time zone and friends in both the Eastern and Western US zones have also been unable to locate this show.

  10. Monica says:

    Love the show— great food and such a nice fun person. Watching this show — makes you think I want to her friend. Can't wait for new episodes.

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